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Synagogue Scribes offers a unique and fully searchable database of Ashkenazi Synagogue records, with the emphasis on pre UK civil registration, to help you trace your Jewish genealogy.

Our data is split into two distinct and separate databases:

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Only a limited number of Pre-civil registration records for Jewish communities in England have survived. Those that remain may require written permission to gain access. And some may be so delicate or severely damaged, as to render public access or digitalization extremely difficult.

In many cases, whole ledgers may be written in cursive Hebrew, with no addresses, English dates or Family Names to aid identification. The bulk of the records contained in this database date between 1791 and 1860, with some either side of those dates and with few beyond 1865. More recently we have been able to add several hundred burial records dating from 1776.

Search Synagogue Records: which contain many births, circumcisions, marriages, deaths and burials, from Synagogue registers as documented by the Synagogues Secretaries, Mohels (persons performing circumcisions) or other Community Officials.

Search Secular Records: which contains data abstracted from civilĀ  sources, such as tax records, wills, settlements, subscriptions etc. These can add significant extra information to your Jewish genealogy.

Our sister site, CemeteryScribes records tombstone inscriptions from UK cemeteries and includes photos of the tombstones as well as mini-family trees. Wherever possible, we will cross-link connected records between the two projects.

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