Jewish Will Extracts 18th – 19th Century

Will Extract
Reference NA1216
Family Name de CASTRO ERGAS
Forenames Esther
Probate Date 1758 (10 Oct)
Address Bury Street
Occupation Widow
Other Relatives
Bequests Benjamin Sagacho?; Hannah the wife of David Vas Martins; Sarah Dias Brandon (widow/wife?) of Raphael Dias Brandon; Joseph Brandon Belmonte; the children of Benjamin Vas Brandon; Joseph and Benjamin the sons of David Belmonte; Gracia de Lima the wife of Solomon de Lima and her sons Joseph and David and daughter not named. Abraham, Raphael and Isaac laCour and their sister Jael Levy Flores. Jacob the son of Abraham Belmonte of Curacao; Jacob Cardozo; Moses Blaw; Esther Pinheira; Esther the wife of Isaac Cohen Belifante. Leah Normal?
Executors, Administrators Isaac Delvallo and Phineas Serra.
Witnesses Jacob Delvalle and David Nunes Lumbrozo
Notes Requests burial at Mile End. See also NA1202 and NA1203
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/840