Jewish Will Extracts 18th – 19th Century

Will Extract
Reference NA1327
Forenames Rachel
Probate Date 1803 (15 March)
Address Great St. Helens.
Occupation Widow
Spouse Samuel Cortissos
Children Samuel Cortissos of Mount Pleasant, Hackney (wife Martha?), Lucy alias Mazaltob, Sarah, Rebecca and Esther the wife of Jacob Osorio
Grandchildren Rachel Osorio the daughter of Jacob Osorio and his wife Esther.
Other Relatives Nephews and nieces, Moses Brandon, Aaron Brandon, Dors? Rebecca Brandon, Isaac Brandon and Abraham Cortissos of St. Michaels Alley, Cornhill.
Executors, Administrators Samuel Cortissos and Moses Brandon. In 1870 admin granted to Charles Joseph Cortissos.
Witnesses Thomas James and Abraham Cortissos
Notes Portuguese Burial Ground, Mile End. Will codicil is hard to read and interpret so should be checked.
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