Jewish Will Extracts 18th – 19th Century

Will Extract
Reference NA178
Family Name HYAM
Forenames Hyam
Probate Date 1855 (21 Apr)
Address 53 Upper Gower Street, Bedford Square
Children Simon, Lawrence, Benjamin, Samuel, Moses, David, Catherine the wife of Joseph Ansel Spiers of Manchester and Alice the wife of David De Pass of 20 Upper Bedford Place, Russell Square.
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Lawrence, David, Benjamin and Samuel Hyam.
Witnesses Samuel Sampson, soliciter, 26 New Broad Street
Notes CemeteryScribes, ID. I304 (Hannah ID I303). Did Hyam marry twice, see Amelia Abrahams bat Yechiel Michael (are these the Michell grandchildren in the will of Simcha of Ipswich).????? Amelia is CemeteryScribes ID I6453. Rachel first wife of Isaac Moses b. Elias Moses (Eli Tsevi) of Suffolk? Is Alice (1806-72) Survey ID 6230.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2210