Jewish Will Extracts 18th – 19th Century

Will Extract
Reference NA523
Family Name GANS
Forenames Isaac Jacob
Probate Date 1799 (20 Sept)
Address Hanover
Occupation Court Agent and Tobacco Merchant
Spouse Pies nee Herz Wahrendorff
Siblings Brothers, Heiman, Sussman Jacob Gans of Bedenfeld, sister, Schontjes of Blomberg,
Children Fradchen the wife of Heiman Ephraim Marcus of Berlin, Madel the wife of Abraham Herz Cohen, the protected Jew of Hanover. Sons, Phillip Isaac Gans, Sussman Isaac Gans, Abraham Isaac Gans and Berend Isaac Gans.
Grandchildren Madel daughter of Fradchen, Rosjen daughter of Madel and Abraham Herz Cohen, Bohle daughter of his son Philip and Madel daughter of his son Sussman
Other Relatives Sister’s daughter Schonjen, married of Hamburg. Wife’s sister Rahe? Of Hanover
Bequests Rabbi Abraham,
Executors, Administrators Fradchen, Madel, Phillip, Sussman, Abraham and Berend Isaac Gans.
Witnesses Philip Bernhard Degen. Trs. From the German by Josh Schabracq.
Notes Isaac Jacob Gans (d. 1798), who stemmed from a family that arrived in Celle toward the end of the seventeenth century and that became one of its ten protected Jewish families (Schutzjuden), is depicted in traditional dress. Wearing a type of fur hat that was common in eastern Europe but that had gone out of favor among German Jews except among rabbis, Isaac brings together two worlds: that of a court agent and that of a traditional Jew. Gans, who accumulated a large fortune in the tobacco industry, was appointed court agent in 1772. During the early 1770s, he became known at the court of Hannover for his efforts on behalf of the needy and sick in Celle. Gans also contributed to the erection of several local buildings and guaranteed their care after his death in his will. He was, however, most devoted to Jewish communal life and, as his will testifies, granted large sums of money for the perpetual upkeep of the synagogue and religious study. JEWISH MUSEUM, New York, notes for his portrait). Abraham Herz Cohen – Philipp Abraham Cohen ( 25. März 1790 in Hannover; † 28. März 1856 in Frankfurt am Main) war ein jüdischer Unternehmer.

Sein Vater, der Königliche Kammeragent Abraham Herz Cohen (1746–1825; Amalia Gans aus Celle[1]) und sein Onkel Leffmann Herz Cohen (1751-1813[2]) betrieben die hannoversche Privatbank L. & A. H. Cohen und verkauften für die hannoversche Regierung Erze und Hüttenerzeugnisse aus dem Harz, woraus sich eine verstärkte Hinwendung zum Metallhandel ergeben hatte. Zu seinen Vorfahren zählte der Kammeragent Leffmann Behrens, auch ein Cohen. Philipp erlernte zusammen mit seinem Bruder Alexander Cohen im väterlichen Bankhaus den Erz- und Metallhandel, der mit Bank- und Wechselgeschäften verbunden war.
1816 heiratete er Eleonore Wertheim, die Tochter des jüdischen Bankiers Zacharias Isaak Wertheimer († 1809[3]) aus Frankfurt. Infolge gesetzlicher Erleichterungen siedelte er um 1821-24 mit seinem Bruder Alexander nach Frankfurt über, das seinerzeit Bankenzentrum einer metallkosumierenden und -verarbeitenden Region war. Seine ältere Tochter, Sara Amalie (d 1851) heiratete 1837 Raphael/Ralph Moses (1817, London – 1883, Paris). 1842 war er mit Gattin und Tochter zur Kur in Ems. Hier trafen sie den späterenSchwiegersohn C. E. Oulmann aus Paris.[4] (wIKIPEDIA)

NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1330


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