Jewish Will Extracts 18th – 19th Century

Will Extract
Reference NA645
Family Name BENJAMIN
Forenames Phoebe
Probate Date 1857 (15 Dec)
Address 66 High Street, Bloomsbury
Occupation Widow
Children Hannah, Sarah the wife of George Huber; Mary the wife of George Moss; Amelia Joseph; Benjamin Benjamin; Solomon Benjamin; Lewis Benjamin;
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Jacob Levy, Fruit Salesman of Broad Court, Covent Garden and Judah Hart, Rag Merchant of Fort Street, Spitalfields.
Witnesses John M. Sturt clerk to *** Solomons of 22 Finsbury Square and Margaret Morgan of Cumberland Court, Cumberland Street. Middlesex Hospital.
Notes Phoebe probably, Survey, ID.24367. Spouse probably Ephraim Benjamin, see eg. Syn. Scribes GSM 350/35 BENJAMIN Amelia Marriage 1840 [4 Mar]
NSB B042 BENJAMIN Amelia Birth 1818 [Sep 16]
NSB B043 BENJAMIN Benjamin Birth 1821 [Dec 31]
NSB B044 BENJAMIN Lewis Birth 1823 [Dec 31]
NSB B045 BENJAMIN Solomon Birth 1829 [Jun 12]
NSB B046 BENJAMIN Sarah Birth 1831 [Dec 10]
NSB B047 BENJAMIN Mary Birth 1832 [Apr 29]
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2261