And when they do, we hold our hands up and apologise.  We recently found an error in our transcript of the Will of Elizabeth Gompertz NA143. which has now been corrected online.  We do our best to get things right but, regrettably, slip-ups, such as this, do creep in from time to time. As they do with all genealogists and family historians.  Only recently I heard from a long-standing correspondent who, post publication and distribution at a family simcha, discovered to her horror and annoyance, that her carefully researched family history contained a “stowaway” who had dodged her rigorous security checks and had sidled in undetected:  250 uninvited indviduals had to be removed – from the tree, that is, not the simcha!


Like ourselves, our correspondent was able to correct her mistake: unlike the big names from the past – Mordy, Roth, Stern, Hyamson, etc – whose errors, through no fault of their own, remain for all time.

This underlines one of the advantages of online publishing: we can effect instant updates, edits and, of course, apologies. We have been unfairly accused in some quarters of being “possessive” of our data.  We are not.  But we are “protective” and it is constantly under review.    Which is why we resist all approaches to hand it over to the “Big Boys” and why we keep a weather-eye open for rogue copiers/purloiners, such as the late, un-lamented Sefardies website.


We wish you all a very Happy New Year and Good Luck with your Family Research