Portsmouth records by Henry Roche


(PSEM)       Henry Roche Oct.2012


This list (PSEM) is taken from the Purchases of Membership recorded in the Portsmouth Synagogue First Minute Book (MB1), which covers the period 1765 to 1843.

MB1 opens with the events leading to the great Split of February 1766, which lasted until two congregations were reunified in February 1789.  Near the start of MB1 is inscribed a list of names of those on both sides of the dispute, the Old Congregation (OC) and the New Congregation (NC), and I have numbered these names in the order they are given (OC 1?14 and 15?25, and NC 1?17).

MB1 being the minute book of the Old Congregation, it naturally records its own membership only, and not that of NC (apart from the above list).   No minute books survive for the NC, but I have compensated for this, and broadened the scope of this list, by including all known NC “members” or affiliates (many of these are also shown as finally taking OC membership during the 1780’s, or even as late as 1791).

Also included are the names of Ministers or other officials of both Congregations, for whom it is clear that no membership purchase was required.

In many cases the Purchase entry records the new member as being a son or a son-in-law of an existing (or deceased) member, as this qualified him for a special preferential rate of payment.   Such “son-in-law” memberships were in fact often made near the time of the marriage itself.   I have incorporated this information by showing in the first case the father’s name, and for the second case by listing the wife’s name wherever known.

MB1 gives all members’ names in Hebrew.  Their English names (shown in the first column) are known from my Portsmouth Jewish Index of pre-1852 Hampshire Jews (PJI, still in card-index form in 2012), which incorporates data from all sources, Synagogal, local and national.   English names are shown with the surnames in capitals, and

Hebrew names are given in italics.


PSEM Columns:

1.  English Name (where known) ? in full, with surname in capitals.

2.  Hebrew name (in full).

3.  Birthplace or origin (shown in Hebrew toponym);  if son of member, the father’s name is given (see above).

4.  OC of NC (Old or New Congregation, with numbers for “original” members – see above).

5.  Date of OC membership purchase.

6.  First known date in Portsmouth (earliest known appearance in Synagogue or local records).

7.  Birth and death dates.

8.  Wife’s name, with father-in-law’s name (see above).

9.  Notes (place of residence if not Portsmouth;  also residence after leaving Portsmouth).


Abbreviations:  NC = New Congregation (1766?1789)

OC = Old Congregation

IOW = Isle of Wight

b = born;  b = ben (son of);   c = circa (about);  d = died, or daughter of;    nr = near;   wid = widow of

> = (changed or moved) to

Please see full source details below the table.

RefEnglish NameHebrew NamePlace of Origin (Father if Portsmouth)OC / NCOC member1st P'th dateDates B & DWife and Father-in-lawnotes
PSEM 001LEVI, Benjamin Benjamin Wolf b. Jacob LeviWiesbadenOC 1pre-17651749c1715-1787Minke (bat Joseph Jacob)
PSEM 002SAMUEL, Mordecai Mordecai b. SamuelRödelheim [by Frankfurt]OC 2pre-17651749d.1771?Reinki
PSEM 003WOOLFE, Abraham Abraham b. Benjamin Zeeb CohenSchlesinger (Schlesien)OC 3pre-176517491722?-1802Frances (bat Moses?) LYON from Devon (?)
PSEM 004NATHAN, Henry Naftali Hirsh b. Judah AaronMichelbachOC 4pre-17651765c.1720-1788(?)Frances(?) (Feigla bat Jehiel)
PSEM 005MYERS, David (or Joseph)David b. Meir (Joseph b. Meir)IlfeldOC 5pre-17651765Phoebe
PSEM 006MOSES, Isaac Isaac b. Moses (Aaron)FürthOC 6pre-17651757c.1732-1815?Hannah (bat Simon Levi)
PSEM 007LEVI, Joseph Joseph b. Judah"melrin"OC 7> NC9pre-17651762(d.1790's(?))Hannahof Winchester
PSEM 008LEVI, EliasElias b. Simon (Wolf) LeviCoblentz; Aubenbach nr "FF"OC 8pre-17651765d.1780?Treinla bat MosesCowes, IOW 1769
PSEM 009ALEXANDER, IsaacIsaac b. AlexanderThalmässingenOC 9pre-176517651729-1810Phoebe
PSEM 010NATHAN, Gabriel Gabriel b. Judah AaronMichelbachOC 10pre-176517651729?-1814Hannah
PSEM 011EMANUEL, Samuel Samuel Zanvil b. MenahemSennfeld [by Adelsheim]OC 11pre-176517581730(31)-1795Hannah (bat Baruch)
PSEM 012MOSES, Michael Meir b. Moses Aaron CohenOC 12pre-17651765d.1792?Fanny (Breinkah)of Southampton
PSEM 013MOSES, Lazarus Eliezer b. MosesFürthOC 13pre-17651749?d.1768?to London
PSEM 014MOSES, Levi (ii)Israel Judah b.Moses Aaron CohenOC 14pre-17651765c.1743-?1825?Mary? (Shrila), d. of Benjamin LEVIof Cowes
PSEM 015MYERS, Moses (Minister)Moses b. MeirReinbach; LissaOC Rabbipre-176517651739?-1815later, Minister in London
PSEM 016HART, Lazarus (?)Eliezer b. ZviAnsbach1764d.1764
PSEM 017MOSES, Mordecai Mordecai b. Moses LeviNC 117481720's-c.1770Rose
PSEM 018DAVID, Phineas Pinchas [Isaac] b. DavidNC 21765d.1769(?)Hannah
PSEM 019Samuel b. IsaacNC 31765
PSEM 020LEVY, Henry Zvi b. JudahMassbach (Mossbach?)NC 4178917651715??-1792(?)
PSEM 021ISAAC, Levy Judah Leib Aleph b. IsaacAub [SE of Würzburg]NC 5178917601723-1814Boonley, sister of Judah LAZARUSMohel
PSEM 022JONASReuben Zelig Jacob b.Naftali CohenLautersbach, Fulda; EmdenNC 617891765of Gosport
PSEM 023Isaac b. JudahNC 71764
PSEM 024NOAH, Samuel Samuel b. NoahNC 81764d. of Mordecai & Rose MOSES
PSEM 025LEVY, Joseph (= no.8)NC 9
PSEM 026MORDECAI, Israel Isserlah b. Mordecai MosesErlangenNC 10by 179017651730appr.-180-Rachel (bat Isaac), sister of Levy ISAAC
PSEM 027MOSES, Levi (i)Judah Leib b. Moses LeviWiesenfeld [NW of Würzburg]NC 111781 / 217621710?-1788Fanny (Frances), sister of Levy ISAAC
PSEM 028LAZARUS, Judah Judah b. EliezerSommerach [N of Kitzingen]NC 121781 / 21762c.1728?-1791?Elizabeth (bat David)
PSEM 029Isserlah b. SolomonNC 131765
PSEM 030Moses b. Mordecai LeviNC 141765
PSEM 031Judah Leib b. Ze'eb LeviKönigsbergNC 151764Frumet bat Mordecai Dürkheim
PSEM 032MICHAEL, HenryNaftali Hirtz b.JehielNC 161760d.c.1786?Hannah (Gitla) (?)
PSEM 033HARRIS, Alexander Alexander Sender b.Zvi Hirsh, RebEllrich (near) HalberstadtNC 17178317571736(?)-1796Maryto London, then New York
PSEM 034Judah b. Eliakom HamburgerHamburgpre-1765pre-1765to London pre-1765
PSEM 035Simon b. Davidpre-1765pre-1765to London pre-1765
PSEM 036Menahem b. Mordecaipre-1765pre-1765to London pre-1765
PSEM 037Jacob b. Samuelpre-1765pre-1765to London pre-1765
PSEM 038Simon b. Abraham FürthFürthpre-1765pre-1765to London pre-1765
PSEM 039DAVIS, Samuel(?) Samuel b. Pinchas IrelandIrelandpre-1765pre-1765to London pre-1765
PSEM 040Judah b. Reuben FranceFrancepre-1765pre-1765to London pre-1765
PSEM 041Zvi b. Judah FranceFrancepre-1765pre-1765to London pre-1765
PSEM 042Judah Yidla SchwabSwabiapre-1765pre-1765to London pre-1765
PSEM 043Meir b. MosesDürckheim (Bad D) (?)NC17751765c.1838?-1811to London c.1782?
PSEM 044Jacob Wetzlar, Dr.WetzlarNC1767
PSEM 045Mordecai LublinLublinNC1767
PSEM 046ABRAHAM, Moses Moses b. Abraham LeviOC 1517691769Marthaof Poole
PSEM 047Zvi Hirsh b. Joseph"mekl(i)s"OC 161765 / 61766
PSEM 048Samuel b. MosesJessnitz (Norwich)OC 171765 / 61766GitlaNorwich
PSEM 049NATHAN, MosesMoses b. NathanOC 1817691769d. 1787?of Poole
PSEM 050LEVI, Jacob Jacob b. Benjamin Levi(son of Benjamin LEVI)OC 191765 / 6birth?1745?)-1816Elizabeth, d. of Solomon JONAS of London
PSEM 051ELKIN, Isaac Isaac b. ElhananRaubachOC 20by 176917691738(?)-1820Elizabeth
PSEM 052SAMUEL, Samuel ?Samuel b. Mordecai Rödelheim(son of Mordecai SAMUEL)OC 21by 1769birth?
PSEM 053Moses b. Samuel, NorwichOC 22by 17691769Norwich
PSEM 054Akiba b. Samuel, NorwichOC 23by 17691769Norwich
PSEM 055Judah b. MeirThalmässingenOC 24by 17691769
PSEM 056Zvi b. Araham DavidSchwall [S of Coblentz]OC 25by 17691769d.1799
PSEM 057SIMPSON, HenryZvi Hirsh b. Abraham SamsonBruckOC17691769c.1720-1787(?)Mary (Mindla bat Samuel)
PSEM 058Jacob HamburgHamburgOC scribe1770
PSEM 059Jacob b. AkibaWeissenburgOC17711771Breindla ?
PSEM 060Jehiel b. Isaac, RebNC Minister1771
PSEM 061SIMONS, Woolf Benjamin Wolf Klinger b. Simon LeviNCby 17901771c.1744-1806Flora (bat Moses Leib)came from Bath
PSEM 062LAZARUS, Simon (Samuel?)Simon b. EliezerNC1772c.1742-1779(?)Elizabeth (bat Simon Levi)
PSEM 063Judah Leib b. Moses SaulThalmässingenOC17721772
PSEM 064WOOLFE, Benjamin Benjamin Ze'eb b. Abraham Cohen(son of Abraham WOOLFE)OC1772birth?c.1747-1799Mary BULLOCK
PSEM 065WOOLFE, Gershon Gershon b. Benjamin WolfOC17731773c.1748-1809Sophiafrom Poole
PSEM 066HART, Judah Judah b. NaftaliNiederweisel [N of Frankfurt]OC177317731739(?)-1826Hannah, d. of Benjamin LEVI
PSEM 067Mordecai b. Isaiah LeviOC scribe1774
PSEM 068JosephNC reader1775
PSEM 069ISAAC, Solomon Solomon b. IsaacErlangenOC177517751739-1808Elizabeth, d. of Isaac ALEXANDER
PSEM 070LEVI, Elias Elias b. Benjamin Levi(son of Benjamin LEVI)OC1775birth1754(?)-1817Sarah (Teltz bat Judah)
PSEM 071WOOLFEJudah b. Abraham Cohen(son of Abraham WOOLFE)OC1775birth?
PSEM 072JACOBS, Michael Jehiel Michael b. SimhahNC17751775c.1748-c.1820Charlotte, d. of Portsmouth member(?)to London? Widow d.London
PSEM 073Isaiah b. AsherNC17751775Portsmouth member(?)
PSEM 074ZACHARIAH, IsaacIsaac b. ZachariahBohemiaNC17771777c.1749-1779Sarah (bat Simon)
PSEM 075SOLOMON, Samuel (?)Eliezer Zussman b.Solomon ZalmanOC17771777Sarah
PSEM 076Samuel b. Isaac CohenOC teacher1777
PSEM 077Elhanan Henle b. AbrahamAmsterdamOC scribe1777
PSEM 078MOSES, Judah Judah b. Moses JacobHartheimNC17781741-1826Nandel (Fanny), d. of Levy ISAACof Plymouth congregation
PSEM 079LEVI, IsaacIsaac b. Benjamin Wolf Levi(son of Benjamin LEVI)OC1778birthd.1785
PSEM 080Menahem b. GershonHeinsfort (Hainsfarth?)OC17781778
PSEM 081Joseph b. MosesOC17781778
PSEM 082SIMPSON ?Abraham Samson b. Simon(father of Henry S.?)OC17781778
PSEM 083MOSES, Barnett Baruch b. MosesNeustadt (?)OC178017801740(?)-1818Sarah wid.of Isaac ZACHARIAH (bat Simon)
PSEM 084Solomon Zalman b. Jacob JehuthielMannheim(>)OC17801778
PSEM 085Abraham b. Naftali HirtzBebra (?) [E of Marburg](>)OC17801780
PSEM 086ISAACS, Jacob Jacob b. Isaac Levi(>)OC17801779c.1755-1824Phoebe wid. (Judah) PHILLIPS: (bat Samson)
PSEM 087Nathaniel b. Judah Leib(>)OC17801778
PSEM 088ZACHARIAH, Abraham Abraham b. Zachariah(Bohemia)(>)OC17801777
PSEM 089MOSES, Abraham Abraham b. Moses Plymouth(Plymouth)OC17801780c.1755-1839Sarah, d. of Gabriel NATHAN
PSEM 090ABRAHAM, Israel Menahem Ezriel Manus b.AbrahamNCby 17901780c.1741-1830Elizabeth, d. Phineas DAVIDof Arundel
PSEM 091DAVIDS, Lemle Asher Lemla b. Pinchas Isaac(son of Phineas DAVID)NC1789/9017801745?-1801Hannah
PSEM 092Alexander Sender b. ShalomOC17801780c.1753-1804?Mata bat Elias b. Simon Levi
PSEM 093Naftali Hirsh Hena b.Solomon ZalmanOC scribe1781d. 1797to London 1791?
PSEM 094CHAPMAN, Joseph Joseph b. Jekuthiel KopmanFürthNC17891781c.1742-1797Lydia
PSEM 095Mordecai b. Judah [= Mordecai Lublin?]NC17821782of Southampton
PSEM 096GOLDSMITH, Reuben Aaron Reuben b. Moses Aaron Levi(OC)17811778d.1783Rachel
PSEM 097JONAS, Jonathan (>JONES)Jonathan b. Reuben Jacob Cohen(son of (Reuben Jacob) JONAS)NC1786birth?c.1752?-1829Gosport; > Brussels
PSEM 098JONAS, Benjamin (>JOHNSON)Jacob Ze'eb b. Reuben Jacob Cohen(son of (Reuben Jacob) JONAS)NC1786birth?c.1755-1824(?)Gosport; > Utica NY, USA
PSEM 099Eliezer b. MosesKiringen (?? in Jülich?)OC17821782
PSEM 100MORDECAI, Samuel Samuel b. Mordecai Levi(son of Mordecai MOSES)NC1782birth1753(?)-1796Edith (?)
PSEM 101MOSES, PhineasPinchas b. Isaac Fürth(son of Isaac MOSES)OC1783birth1759(?)-1796Miriamof Gosport
PSEM 102EMDEN, Michael Gompert Jehiel Michael b.Mordecai GumpelEmdenNC1789/901783b. c. 1750(d. of Portsmouth member)
PSEM 103AARON, Jacob Akiba b. MosesBirmingham(OC)178317811756-1808Alice, d. Isaac ALEXANDER
PSEM 104NATHAN, Philip Eliezer Lipman b. NathanHamburg(OC)178417711743?-1825Rose, d. of Abraham EZEKIEL (Exeter)
PSEM 105LEVI, Moses (>M.L.MOZLEY)Moses b. Judah Leib Levi(son of Levi MOSES (i))(NC)1785birth1760(?)-1845Sarah, d. of Simon JOSEPH of Liverpool
PSEM 106LEVY, Joseph Judah b. JosephWinchester (son of Joseph LEVI)NC1791birth1762-1820Tertsey
PSEM 107HART, Moses (i)Moses b. Naftali Hirtz, DruckerGermanyOC17861781c.1750-1814Eleanor
PSEM 108ISAACS, Levi Leib b. Isaac BingeFrankfurt(FF); ?BingenOC1786d.1801Elizabethof Poole
PSEM 109Meir b. Joshua LeviOC1786of Poole
PSEM 110LEVY, Jacob Akiba b. JoelWieselOC178617861740(?)-1816
PSEM 111BARNETT (-ARD), Alexander, Rev.Alexander Sender b. BaruchZellwiller [SW of Strasbourg]OC Minister17861741(?)-1818Elizabeth wid.Simon LAZARUS: (bat Simon Levi)
PSEM 112LYON, SolomonSolomon b. Isaac AryehKuttenplan (Chodova Plana)NC178917831755-1820Rachel née HART (d. of Barnet HART of Ely?)to Cambridge, & London
PSEM 113Isaac LondonOC teacher1787
PSEM 114LEVY, Solomon Eliakom Zalman b. Wolf (Ze'eb) LeviRotenburg-an-Fulda, HesseOC178717871757?-1817Phoebe, d. of Abraham WOOLFE
PSEM 115PHILLIPS, Phoebe (later ISAACS)Yeblah bat SamsonOC178917891747(?)-1834from London?
PSEM 116ISRAEL, Israel Asher b. Zvi ExeterExeterNC17891787c.1762-1802(?)Maria
PSEM 117JACOBS, Solomon (>DE YOUNG)Pinchas Zelig b. Jacob RintelAmsterdam; (Rintel(?))NC178917891754(?)-1840Sarah (Sarah bat Judah)
PSEM 118Abraham b. David17901790
PSEM 119MOSES, Lewis (>MOZLEY)Eliezer Zissel b. Judah Leib Levi(son of Levi MOSES (i))(NC)1790birth1762-1815(?)to Liverpool
PSEM 120DAVIS, Henry Aryeh b. David UngerHungary17901790c.1764-1810(?)Eliza (d. of Portsmouth member)
PSEM 121ISAACS, Joel Joel b. Judah Leib(son of Levy ISAAC)(NC)1790birth1760?-1829?Flora (bat Moses Leib)
PSEM 122ALEXANDER, Solomon Solomon Zalman b. Isaac(son of Isaac ALEXANDER)OC1790birth1766-1829Amelia, d. of Moses HART (i)to London
PSEM 123Moses b. Israel Judah Cohen(son of Levi MOSES (ii))(NC)1790birth1767-181-(?)Irat
PSEM 124LAZARUS, DavidDavid b. Judah(son of Judah LAZARUS)(NC)1790birth1766-1837Hannah, d. of (Judah) & Phoebe PHILLIPS
PSEM 125ISRAEL, Samuel Samuel b. Zvi ExeterExeter (brother of Israel ISRAEL)(NC)179017901770(?)-1811Elizabeth wid.Sol. ISAAC, d.of Isaac ALEXANDER
PSEM 126JOSEPH, Abraham Abraham b. Simon1790Miriam, d. of Gershon WOOLFEof Liverpool
PSEM 127MOSES, Joseph Joseph b. Isaac Fürth(son of Isaac MOSES)OC1791birth1763(?)-18581) Judith; 2) Catherine, d. of Isaac ELKINof Gosport
PSEM 128LEVI, Jacob (Rev.)Akiba b. Jacob LeviNeustadt(?); KönigsbergReader17911750(?)-1840Adelaide& Cantor. >London
PSEM 129EMDEN, Abraham Gompert Abraham (Ze'eb) b. Mordecai Gumpel(brother of Michael G. EMDEN)(NC)17911791c.1764-1805(?)Charlotte, d. of Phineas DAVID
PSEM 130David b. Nehemiah Cohen(deleted)17931793
PSEM 131Samuel b. Meir17931793Feigla
PSEM 132NATHAN, Asher Asher b. Gabriel(son of Gabriel NATHAN)1793birth1769(?)-1828Ann, d. of Joseph CHAPMAN
PSEM 133HART, Alexander Alexander b. Judah(son of Judah HART)1793birthc.1771-1839Betsey, d. of Isaac MOSES
PSEM 134COHEN, Jacob MosesJacob b. Israel Judah Cohen(son of Levi MOSES (ii))1793birthc.1769-1862Rachel (?)
PSEM 135LAZARUS, LewisEliezer Jacob b. Judah Portsmouth(son of Judah LAZARUS)1793birth1762-18--1)Eliza ABRAHAMS,2)Prisc. HART(both of London)of London
PSEM 136HART, Moses (ii)Moses b. Naftali179317931742?-1824Rebecca(d. London)
PSEM 137MOSES, MosesMoses b. Isaac Fürth(son of Isaac MOSES)1793birthc.1768-1848Sophia, d. of Israel ABRAHAMof Gosport
PSEM 138DAVID(?), PhilipMeshullam Feis b. David17931793?d.1819?
PSEM 139JACOB, JudahJudah b. Jacob17941793c.1767-1819Rachel (bat Solomon)b(?) & d. London
PSEM 140MOSES, SimonSimon b. Isaac Fürth(son of Isaac MOSES)1795birth1761?-1849Amelia née SOLOMONS of London
PSEM 141MOSES, Henry (Harry)Zvi b. Samuel179517951756?-1808Jane (bat David) (from London)
PSEM 142Moses b. Jacob HamburgHamburg17951795Rekla
PSEM 143HART, Michael (?)Jehiel Michael b. Naftali Hirtz(son of Henry MICHAEL (?))17961768-183-(?)Peski, d. of Portsmouth member
PSEM 144MARKS, IsaacIsaac b. Alexander17961796c.1770-1812Bloomy (bat Eliezer), d. of Portsmouth member
PSEM 145HART, Barnet (?)Issachar (Berki Ely?) b. NaftaliEly (?)17971796?c.1770?-1811Esther (?)
PSEM 146JOSEPH, SamuelAbraham Samuel b. Zvi17971797c.1766?-1845Catherine (bat Uri)to Gosport
PSEM 147DAVIDS, WoolfBenjamin b. David17971797d.1805?
PSEM 148ABRAHAMS, SimonSimhah (watchmaker) b. Jacob Cohen179717961752?-1823Elizabeth, d. Samuel EMANUEL
PSEM 149EMANUEL, MichaelMichael b. Samuel (Mike Menewil)(son of Samuel EMANUEL)1797birth1767-1838Hannah, d. Levy ISAAC
PSEM 150LAZARUS, LewisEliezer Zissel b. Simon(son of Simon LAZARUS)1798birth1773-1852Elizabeth, d. of Isaac ZACHARIAHd. Dublin
PSEM 151BARNARD, DavidDavid b. Solomonfrom Rochford, Essex179817961772?-18331) Esther; 2) Rebecca, d.Lemle DAVIDS
PSEM 152LYONS, CharlesSolomon b. Abraham AriAbergavenny180017991777?-1857Phoebe, d. of Joseph LEVY
PSEM 153SPIERS, IsaacIsaac b. Eliakom (Speyer) LeviMetz [Speyer]18001800c.1763?-18181.Miriam wid.Phineas MOSES; 2.Hannah d.Isaac MOSESof Gosport
PSEM 154Moses b. Eliezer Lazi18001800
PSEM 155ZACHARIAH, John [Jack]Zachariah b. SamuelLondon (1st cousin of Jacob Z.)180017991765?-1852Phoebe, d. of Isaac ZACHARIAHd. London
PSEM 156ZACHARIAH, JacobZachariah b. Isaac(son of Isaac ZACHARIAH)1800birth?c.1771-1819Blooing (Bluma), d. of Israel ABRAHAM (?)d. London
PSEM 157NATHAN, JacobJacob b. Gabriel(son of Gabriel NATHAN)1800birthc.1772-1847Hannah
PSEM 158LAZARUS, MarkMordecai b. Simon(son of Simon LAZARUS)1801birth1777-18-Esther(to Bath)
PSEM 159Baruch b. Jonah Levi18011801Fradel
PSEM 160FRANKLIN, Lewis (Lazarus)Eliezer b. Jacob Benjamin Ze'ebLondon180218021778?-1845Miriam, d. of Israel ABRAHAM(to Liverpool etc.)
PSEM 161MOSES, Lewis Eliezer b. Abraham Plymouth(son of Abraham MOSES)1802birth?c.1778- ?Mirel
PSEM 162DAVIDS, PhineasPinchas Zelig b. Asher Lemla(son of Lemle DAVIDS)1803birth1780-1814?Hannah, d. Abraham MOSES
PSEM 163ZACHARIAH, LevyJudah Leib b. Isaac(son of Isaac ZACHARIAH)1803birth1778-1847Leviah, d. of Solomon ISAAC of Plymouthd. London
PSEM 164LEVI, GeorgeGedaliah b. JacobLondon180318011778-1855Judith, d. of Jacob LEVId. New York
PSEM 165BARNARD, PhilipUri Shraga Feis b. Solomonfrom Rochford, Essex180318011767(?)-1851Mary (bat Alexander) (b. Germany)
PSEM 166Abraham b. Issachar18041804
PSEM 167Issachar b. Abraham18041804
PSEM 168MOSES, SamuelSamuel b. Zvi Hirsh (Harry)(son of Henry MOSES)1805c.1782-1856Esther, prob. D. of Judah HARTto New York (1836+)
PSEM 169EMANUEL, MosesMoses b. Samuel Zanvil(son of Samuel EMANUEL)18051771?-1858Rosetta née JACOBS of Londonto Sydney
PSEM 170Zvi Hirsh b. Abraham18051805Rizka (d. of Portsmouth member)
PSEM 171RAPHAEL, RalphRaphael b. Jacob(London)18061806b.c.1780Leah née HART(?) (d. of Portsmouth member)
PSEM 172ISAACS, IsraelAsher (Enzla) b. Isaac IbshitzIpswich; Bury st. Edmunds18061806c.1740-1837Treinla bat Daniel
PSEM 173DELLISON, JosephJoseph b. Saul Deleson18061806c.1770-1833?Charlotte wid. Abr'm EMDEN, d .of Phineas DAVID
PSEM 174MOSES, AaronMoses Aaron b. Baruch(son of Barnett MOSES)1806birth1783-1816Anna d. of Jacob LEVIto New York 1816
PSEM 175PHILLIPS, SamuelSamson b. Judah(son of Judah& Phoebe PHILLIPS)1806(1789?)1788?-1818Hannah d. of Philip NATHANto Jamaica 1818
PSEM 176LEVY (-VI), Lyon Aryeh Judah b. Zvi Hirsh(son of Henry LEVY)1806birth?b.1781(?)Leah, d. of Judah MOSESto Plymouth 1810
PSEM 177DAVIS, MosesMoses b. Baruch CohenLondon180618021763?-1836Rosey née NATHAN of London
PSEM 178YOELL, YoellJoel b. Samuel (watchmaker)London180618061760?-1837Mary
PSEM 179SAMUEL, Samuel ?Samuel b. Uri LeviDublin ?180618061780(?)-1829Ann, d. of Solomon ISAAC (?) (d.of P'th member)Chichester
PSEM 180SOLOMON, JoshuaJoshua b. Solomonteacher1807d.1820BreindelMinister 1818-20
PSEM 181ARNOLD, SolomonSolomon b. Aaron18071807c.1780-1830Rachel Louise, d. of Philip NathanJamaica
PSEM 182LEVI, PhineasPinchas Zelig b. Judah(son of Joseph LEVY)18071786-1861Kittyto Plymouth by 1812
PSEM 183LEVI, IsaacIsaac b. Judah Aryeh180718071785(?)-1827Judith, d. of Judah HART
PSEM 184FRANKLIN, AbrahamAbraham b. Jacob Benjamin Ze'ebLondon180718061784-1854Mary, d. of Jacob AARONto Liverpool 1816
PSEM 185YOELL, AbrahamAbraham b. JoelLondon (son of Yoell YOELL)180818061785(?)-1867Amelia, d. of Jacob AARON
PSEM 186LEVY, JosephJoseph b. Eliakom Zalman Levi(son of Solomon LEVY)180817871787(?)-1833Esther née DAVIDS (d. of Lemle D.(?))Southampton; >New York
PSEM 187HART, John Isaac (Isaac)Isaac b. Judah Hart(son of Judah HART)1808birth1786-1863Maria, d. of Solomon LEVYto Southampton; > New York
PSEM 188MOSES, Isaac Isaac b. Zvi Harry(son of Henry MOSES)180817951987(?)-1858Esther, d. of Jacob SIMMONDS (London)
PSEM 189SOLOMON, BarnettIssachar Ber b. Zvi SamuelLondon180818081779(?)-1828Betsey, d. of Israel ISAACS
PSEM 190SOLOMON, SolomonSolomon b. Zvi SamuelLondon181018101784(?)-1866Rachel, d. of Israel ABRAHAMto Southampton 1833
PSEM 191DAVIDS, JonahJonah b. Asher Lemla(son of Lemle DAVIDS)1810birth1783-1822Sarah, d. of Moses EMANUELto Southampton
PSEM 192ISAAC, PhilipEliezer Lipman b. Solomon(son of Solomon ISAAC)1810birth1786-1850Charlotte, d. of Moses and Eleanor HARTto London by 1816
PSEM 193SIMMONDS, JacobJacob b. SimonLondon; < Hirtzfeld(en)(Herzfeld?)18101810c.1760-182-?Leah, d. of Samuel ZACHARIAH (London)
PSEM 194BARNETT, DavidDavid b. Abraham181018101786-1867Sarah, d. of Simon(?) ABRAHAMS to New York
PSEM 195MYERS, IsaacIsaac b. Solomon Ze'eb Cohen181018091780(?)-1850Maria, d. of Judah JACOB
PSEM 196ISAACS, LewisUri b. Asher IbshitzIpswich (son of Israel ISAACS)18101806c.1780-18--Judith, d. of Alexander BARNETTto London 1841 ?
PSEM 197ISAACS, Henry Aryeh b. Asher IbshitzIpswich (son of Israel ISAACS)18101806(?)c.1782?-1839? née ISAACSto Chatham ?1820
PSEM 198LEVI, JudithGitla bat Isaac, widowLondon (mother of George LEVI)181118111747?-1831
PSEM 199JACOB(S), RebeccaRebecca bat Abraham, widowLondon(?)(mother of Judah JACOB)18111800d. 1811(?)
PSEM 200POWERS, Moses (Israel)Moses b. Zvi ExeterExeter (brother of Israel ISRAEL)18111809(?)c.1788-18--Sarah (bat Aaron)to Liverpool; >USA 1830's
PSEM 201SIMPSON, SamuelShimshah b. Zvi(son of Henry SIMPSON)1812birth1782-1854Frances, d. of Simon ABRAHAMS
PSEM 202MOSES, JosephJudah b. Abraham Plymouth(son of Abraham MOSES1812birthb. c.1786L. SYMONDS of London
PSEM 203SYMONS (-ONDS), PhilipUri Shraga Feis Klinger b. Benj'n Levi(son of Woolf SIMONS)1813birth1782-18--Maria, d. of Henry DAVISto Cincinnati 1819
PSEM 204JACOBS (>JACKSON), DanielGedaliah b. Jacob (Jacobs)18131808c.1780-1841Mary, d. of Aaron PHILLIPSto New York 1815(?)
PSEM 205BENMOHEL, Alexander LazarusAlexander Zussman b. Eliezer LaziHamburgTeacher18141788(?)-1839Rosa née HYAMS (London)died Dublin
PSEM 206LEVI, JohnJacob b. Judah(son of Joseph LEVY)1814birth1793-1855Elizabeth, d. of Solomon LEVYto Plymouth 1817
PSEM 207MORDECAI (?), - - Mordecai b. Samuel Levi(son of Samuel MORDECAI ?)1814birth
PSEM 208Abraham b. Moses Hamburg(son of Moses b. Jacob Hamburg)18151795
PSEM 209SIMONS (>SYMONDS), SimonSimon b. Benjamin Levi(son of Woolf SIMONS)1815birth1780-1848Louisa née BRUELto Cincinnati by 1830
PSEM 210? EMANUEL, Joseph Joseph b. Haim18151813 ?
PSEM 211ABRAHAM(S), AbrahamAbraham b. Menaham Ezriel ManusArundel (son of Israel ABRAHAM)1815birth1786-18--Hannah> London
PSEM 212PYKE, Samuel Eleazer (Dr.)Samuel b. Eliezer the DoctorLondon (?)18161815c.1790-1818Sarah(?), d. of ?Israel ABRAHAM
PSEM 213MOSES, Moses (jun.) (>Morris M.)Moses b. Joseph Gosport(son of Joseph MOSES)1816birth1791?-1860Sarah née JONAS (of Plymouth)to Cincinnati (1819)
PSEM 214ELKIN, BenjaminBenjamin b. Isaac Elkin(son of Isaac ELKIN)1816birth1783-1848Sarah, d. of Jacob LEVIBarbados; > London
PSEM 215DESOUZA, DanielDaniel b. Jacob Henriques DesouzaLondon181618121780(?)-1862Sarah née (?)HENRIQUES (London)to London 1825; d. Birm.
PSEM 216LEVY, MichaelJehiel Michael b. Akiba(son of Jacob LEVY)1816birth?1781(?)-1818Leah, d. of Philip BARNARD
PSEM 217NATHAN, Joseph (Judah)Judah b. Gabriel(son of Gabriel NATHAN)1816birth1776-1859Sophia, d. of Henry SIMPSON
PSEM 218RAPHAEL, HyamHaim b. JacobLondon18171814b. c.1790Julia née HART (Portsmouth member)to London c.1818
PSEM 219EMANUEL, Mosesoses b. MenahemLondon; Steinhardt [NE of Nordlingen]1816c.1762?-1859Kate née AARON? (of London)
PSEM 220MOSES, FloraBlumah bat Abraham, widow (London)London18191813d. 1821
PSEM 221SOLOMON, MosesMoses b. Eliezer Zussmanson of Samuel SOLOMON1819birth1786(?)-1864Frances, d. of Moses DAVIS
PSEM 222DE YOUNG, Moses JacobsMoses b. Pinchas(son of Sol'n JACOBS De YOUNG)1820birth1792(?)-1847Hannah née PHILLIPS (London)to London; >Cincinnati 1831
PSEM 223BENJAMIN, JoelJoel b. Zvi Hirsh MülhausenMülhausen (Mulhouse)18211820c.1770 - 1840(3rd wife) Frances, d. of Jacob Moses COHENLondon
PSEM 224ELKIN, Mozley IsaacMoses b. Isaac Elkin(son of Isaac ELKIN)1821birth1786-1856(2nd wife) Esther, d. of Abraham JOSEPH (Plym'th)to Barbados
PSEM 225SAMUEL, TobiasTobias b. Samuel18221820Judith (Yenta bat Alexander d. of Portsmouth member)
PSEM 226ISSACHAR, Hyman (Rev.)Haim b. Issachar(Plymouth)Minister1823c.1790-1854Rosato Jamaica 1843
PSEM 227JOSEPH, IsaacIsaac b. JosephZolochiv (Zlochev), Poland182718271799(?)-1875Sarah, d. of Abraham JACOBS of Poole
PSEM 228FINKELSTEIN, Abraham MosesAbraham b. Moses FinklesteinPoland183418341805(?)-1859Hannah, d. of Simon MOSES> Dorset (Wareham)
PSEM 229EMANUEL, Henry MichaelNaftali Hertz b. Michael(son of Michael EMANUEL)1836birth1807-1880Anne, d. of Joseph MOSES
PSEM 230RAPHELES, LazarusEliezer Ari b Raphael (Biala?)Biala Podlaska ?18381837c.1799-1848(2nd wife) Sarah, d. of David LAZARUS
PSEM 231NEWMAN, SeligIsaac Zelig b. Baruch LeviPoland183818361802(?)-1857Eliza, d. of Jacob NATHAN
PSEM 232BARNARD, GeorgeSolomon b. David(son of David BARNARD)1838birth1802-1855Esther, d. of Solomon ISAACto Adelaide 1852
PSEM 233DAVIS, JosephJoseph b. Moses Cohen(son of Moses DAVIS)1839birth1807-1858Emma
PSEM 234HYAMS, SolomonShalom b. HaimPoland18401840c.1813-18--Ann (Nancy), d. of David LAZARUS(to London)
PSEM 235HYAMS, Wolf (or Henry)Ze'eb (Benjamin) b. HaimPoland184018401816(?)-1881?Amelia, d. of David LAZARUS
PSEM 236MOSS, Benjamin WolfBenjamin b. Samuel(son of Samuel MOSES (MOSS))1840birth1811(?)-1889Catherine, d. of Isaac LEVI of London
PSEM 237ZACHARIAH, SeriaskieIssachar b. Eliezer LipmanPoland184118401802(?)-1866Julia, d. of Aaron MOSESd. Brighton
PSEM 238MYERS, Abraham B.Abraham b. Isaac Cohen(son of Isaac MYERS)1841birth1814(?)-1889Belle, d. of Mozley ELKINto USA 1847(?); >London
PSEM 239LEVY, DavidDavid b. Eliakom Levy(son of Solomon LEVY)1843birth1978(?)-1862(2nd wife) Rebecca d. of (?Phineas) DAVIDS
PSEM 240EMANUEL, EzekielIsaac b. MosesLondon (son of Moses EMANUEL)184318161801-1860Rebecca, d. of Hyam LEWIS of Brighton
PSEM 241EMANUEL, EmanuelMenahem b. MosesLondon (son of Moses EMANUEL)184318161808-1888Julia, d. of Barrow MOSS of Devonport
PSEM 242EDWARDS, JohnMenahem b. SamuelLondon18431837c.1805-1893(2nd wife) Jane. D. of Michael Henry HART



Sources:  As explained above, the principal source is MB1, but its incorporation into PJI has enabled much additional information to be added, not least of course the English names given in Column 1, and the dates in Columns 6 and 7.   Column 3, the place of origin, derives mostly from toponyms appended to the Hebrew name: these may of course indicate the previous place of residence, the place of birth or upbringing, or even (if following the patronymic) the father’s place of origin.  For these Hebrew names and toponyms (Columns 2 and 3), Levy Isaac’s Portsmouth Circumcision Register (PCR) has been a principal and invaluable source of extra information.

The wives’ names in Column 8 again come from a variety of sources, including marriage notices in early Hampshire newspapers, but two lists in MB1, recording gifts to the synagogue by ladies of the congregation in September 1769 and April 1813, have been specially informative for the earlier years.


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