Birth, Marriage and death Records

How many birth, marriage, death records will you need?

I was reading the other day on Dick Eastman’s Genealogy Newsletter that the number of individuals it would take to make up 42 generations is 4,398,046,511,102. Just 20 generations would be over a million, and a more manageable 10 generations would be 1,022 individuals.

Given that, in an ideal world, you would need to find the birth, marriage and death records for each of these individuals, it rather puts into perspective the amount of records needed to even to begin to get this far back.

SynagogueScribes’ aim has always been to give maximum access to the widest possible range of 18th and 19th century Anglo Jewish records. With births, circumcisions, marriages and burials of the Ashkenazi synagogues of London being well covered. See SynagogueScribes coverage chart . We currently have over 21,000 freely available records and will be adding an important new data set very soon.

Sadly, compared to the amount of information needed to get back in your ancestry all those generations, it will never be enough and that is why we are pleased to also draw your attention to Harold and Miriam Lewin’s latest publication, Birth records of the New Synagogue & Marriage records of the New & Hambro synagogues, London, ISBN 978-965-91261-1-8 published 2010 and containing over 2,000 marriages and 1,550 births. This publication goes hand in hand with their 2 previously published works. For more information contact harmir908  [at]

Here’s hoping that you get back another generation!