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Last NameFirst NameTownRecord yearRecord source
ZEELIGMANN Bernard Masons
ZANTZ Moses St. Albans 1768 Masons
ZAMIRA Joseph 1799 Masons
ZACHARIAH (MN) Elizabeth Jan 1789 Settlements
ZACHARIAH Levy Portsmouth 1802 Masons
ZACHARIAH Hyam Jan 1789 Settlements
ZACHARIAH George Jan 1789 Settlements
ZACHARIAH Elizabeth Jan 1789 Settlements
ZACHARIAH Henry Jan 1789 Settlements
ZACHARIAH Ann Jan 1789 Settlements
ZACHARIAH Sarah Jan 1789 Settlements
YOUNG Solomon de London 1802 Masons
YOCHMOVITZ Ellen Manchester 1859 Newspaper - Marr
XIMENEZ Abraham 1723 Masons
XIMENES Abraham 05 May 1802 Newspaper - death
XIMENES NR 1772 Newspaper - Marr
XIMENES Abraham London 1786 Masons
XIMENES Captain Moses (Sir Maurice) 1802 Masons
XIMENES Francis 1782 Masons
XIMENES Samuel Amsterdam 1769 Newspaper - death
WULFF Moses London 1817 Masons
WOOLFE (MN) (unknown) London 10 Jun 1817 Newspaper - death
WOOLFE Joseph London 29 Dec 1821 Newspaper - death
WOOLF Joseph Sandhurst 1868
WOOLF Hannah St Kilda 1860 Australian Marriages
WOOLF Kate Collingwood 1859 Australian Marriages
WOOLF Moses Lemon 1863 Australian Marriages
WOOLF Charles Melbourne 1863 Australian Marriages
WOOLF Esther St Kilda 1869 Australian Marriages
WOOLF Lewis 1849 Masons