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  1. Many thanks to Angela and Gaby for posting on the Simmonds Family Prayer Book. The Simmonds are related to my Jacobs paternal line through marriage and there is a wide range of records on the families including the Stern Collection and on Synagogue and Cemetery Scribes records. In addition, I have posted a range of data on the families on British Genealogy Jewish Forum and there is a Jacobstree website which was established several years ago by one of my Jacobs cousins with contributions world wide.

    The Prayer book has found its way ‘home’. My younger brother Steve very kindly bought the book last week for my birthday. I now have the Prayer book and shared photographs with my USA and South American Simmonds/Jacobs cousins.

    Wolf Simmonds and his son Judah Lee Simmonds who are recorded in the prayer book appear in the Borough Synagogue records. Wolf aka William Simmons aka Simmonds was President in 1826/27 and his son Judah Lee an officer in 1867. Other Simmonds who were in Hamburg and the West Indies sons of Wolf and Eve Jacobs contributed to the Borough New Synagogue.

    My thanks again to Angela and Gaby for posting the Simmonds Prayer book and supporting records.

    Dr Phillip Kirby

  2. Hi Phillip
    I am interested in a Simons/Simmons/Simmonds family who lived at Raven Row Spitalfields in the early 1800s.
    Are these by any chance connected to yours?
    Hazel Dakers

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