113 Circumcision records, transcribed by Henry Roche from the original register.


We are delighted to announce the inclusion in this valuable set of records in our Main Database. These unique records, which carry the reference PMCIRC, not only contain useful genealogical data in themselves, but Henry has added English names, where known, and much extra biographical information, extending beyond the narrow confines of the Portsmouth congregation. Please note that in this particular set of records Address indicates place where Circumcision took place.

For further information about the Register and to browse the original records go to

These records, alongside those in the recently added PORTSMOUTH SYNAGOGUE EARLY MEMBERSHIP LIST 1765 to 1843 (PSEM) open a window on a relatively small but disproportionately influential community

 Henry Roche is a meticulous researcher with an enviable ability to decipher and translate these often poorly written or faded cursive Hebrew scripts: the world of Anglo-Jewish Genealogy owes him a debt of gratitude for his hard work and generosity.



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