The Will of Diego Rodrigues Marques dated 1675

This will fascinated us to such an extent that we attempted to transcribe it all. The vast amount of information covering people, places, trade, possessions and a little family intrigue make it the most interesting we have come across so far.

We are publishing here extracts from our transcription, but stress that it is not complete and may contain errors given the difficulties experienced in reading it and as always it is best to view the original, held at the National Archives or to purchase a copy via their online service.

You can find the extract of Diego’s wife Sara Auriques’ will and other family members by searching our secular records for Family Name Marques.

Diego Rodrigues Marques (SynagogueScribes Secular records, Wills NA1249)

In the name of God Amen. London the 10th day of November 1675 I Diego Rodrigues Marques this 10/20 of November being my perfect understanding do declare by this my last will which after my life ended which God continue many years is to be performed as hereafter is mentioned.

ITEM, I do owe **** of sterling to John Machado de Goa for two parcels of diamonds[1] which he sent me by the ship Falcon and Mary[2] which I have placed down in his account in my book and shall be remitted to him in pieces of eight in the ship that shall go to Surat according to his orders.

ITEM, I do owe to Mr? Isaac de Robles and Diego Robles of Bayonne who are now in Lisbon £55 sterling together as appears by their accounts the returning thereof shall be made the witness which of shall be made to them according to their order.

ITEM, there shall be sent to the heirs of Lopes Dias de Silva being in Genoa 200 pieces of eight which I give them to be freed and acquitted from the amount which I had with them although I find in my conscience that I owe them nothing.

ITEM, there shall be orders sent to give to Antonio Rodrigues Nunes the value of fifty milreis[3] which I received for him and have not paid for fear lest the Inquisition? should *** it again.

ITEM, I do give to Roque Rodriguez Villa Real of Livorno the sum of fifty mil reis which came from the Bay[4] which shall be paid in the same manner as the parcel above.

ITEM, the sum of thirty mil reis shall be paid to Casper Franco for a parcel which came from the River of Janeiro[5] into my custody.

ITEM, the sum of two hundred mil reis shall be sent to the heirs of Simao Reiz Henriques Cavarilla (Carvalho?) of Amsterdam although 100 mil reis thereof are yet to be recovered of Vento Ribeiro Torrado? of Oporto but I do owe them to him and the other are for the remainder of goods which came from the River of Janeiro.

ITEM, I have eighty mil reis in my hands which I received of the widow? Degoardo? Francoso for Bonds of the Company of Brazil the said wid doby? are gone and if they appear the same shall be given to them if not they shall be applied to Pious […]

ITEM, there is owing to my brother Antonio Roiz Marques of Lisbon in my hands the sum of fifteen thousand pounds Sterling which I received in ready money of Francis de Liz[6] and AlFenta? Rodrigues when I came hither and of Raphael Henriques of Bordeaux[7] and of Gabriel de Medina of Livorno[8]and lastly of the said Fransisco de Lis the proceeds of two parcels of diamonds which came from Goa in the ship Mary and Falcon. In this sum is comprehended the interest for two years which I pay him at 5 percent until the end of October last and also in this sum is comprehended one parcel which Almeidas of Venito (Venice) sent me. It being to be understood that all which I received of the persons before named after my coming to this city does not amount to above thirteen thousand pounds and the interest until the aforesaid day, and the two thousand pounds or thereabouts for the compliment of the 15000 pounds Sterling I do make him good by an account which remains unbalanced at Lisbon wherein […] […] […] which he shall adjust.

 ITEM, I do owe to my uncle Antonio Roiz Mogadoura[9] the sum of four hundred mil reis for the proceed of a parcel of ivory and sugar which I bought of him which shall be paid to him. But out of the same sum might be abated 280 mil reis which he is to make me good for the remainder of the dividend of Isabel Henriques my mother-in-law deceased the writing which my wife hath to whom the share belongs.[10]

ITEM, I have a small amount not yet settled with Luis Gonzales D’Andrade which shall be adjusted and the difference which there may be between party and party in turn [..] twenty mil reis which shall be retrieved or paid.

ITEM, John Cooke and Company are indebted to me in one Bond of five thousand pounds Sterling principal as by the same appears.

ITEM, Charles Duncombe[11] and Company are indebted to me in two bonds three thousand seven hundred pounds Sterling principal as by them appears.

ITEM, John Hinde and Company are indebted to me in one Bond seven hundred pounds principal.

ITEM, there are belonging to me in the hands of Abraham del Sotto of Amsterdam four and twenty bills of exchange amounting to five thousand seven hundred and eighteen pounds five shillings Sterling all payable to him which I have and asked him to remit me he hath also in other bills six hundred pounds Sterling which of I ordered him to remit the sum? in gold. He hath moreover? one thousand four hundred and thirty pounds for […] sent him bills yet to be accepted and so to be remitted?

ITEM, Abraham Del  Sotto hath in his custody two actions of 500 pounds Flemish or de Corosso?? capital in the Chamber of Amsterdam and three hundred ounces of Bezat[12] Stones and five bales of calicos? Percallas and Salampuris[13] for which he shall give account.

ITEM, the said Abraham Del Sotto hath in his hands for my account  the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds Sterling for goods which he received  by a profit of our […] in English manufactures?

ITEM, there are at his disposal for my account three cut diamonds which he sent to Veneti (Venice) to Anthonio Simon Mendes de Almeida which he ordered to be sold for five thousand ducates.

ITEM, there is at Lisbon at his disposal in the hands of John Pargiter[14] And William Culf the remainder of two cargoes of bayes[15] and Hamburg Linens which will amount to five hundred pounds Sterling or thereabouts.

ITEM, I do owe to the said Sotto by an amount current which he sent, five Hundred and seventeen Guilders and nine stivers[16] and he oweth me three hundred thirty three Guilders and nine stivers by an account which he sent me of Cloudswood.

ITEM, there is belonging to me in the hands of Gabriel de Medina of Livourne by my account the sum of four thousand pounds Sterling in Emeralds which he received from one Bira Silva? which I have ordered him to sell at loss by that they are little worth at present.

ITEM, the said Medina hath in his hands an eighth part of a ship called the Jerusalem and the profit of three voyages which she made to the Levant which of he shall give an account which in all will amount to about three hundred pounds Sterling

ITEM, there is in his hands an eighth part of a cargo sent by Gomez Rodrigues in the said ship for my account which will amount to about two hundred pounds Sterling, also several household goods of all which my wife hath the account where with he shall follow his order.

ITEM, there is in the hands of Benjamin Bara Sehy? and Arias of Livorno one hundred and fifty pieces of long cloth and a bed of ebony wood where of they are to give an account and by the remainder of the said account current they owe me sixty nine pounds seventeen shillings and by my account ninety two pieces of eight and a half by the balance which was made with Jeronimo Nunes Da Costa[17] of Amsterdam.

ITEM, Francisco Carvalho Nunez of Venito hath in his hands for my account one hundred twenty and three elephant teeth which Gabriel Medina of Livourne sent to him with the ship the Blackamore to follow my orders which I did give him to sell the same and to remit me the proceeds.

ITEM, that the Almeidas of Venito  owe me for balance of account fifteen ducats.

ITEM, Isaac Alvares oweth me by writing one thousand one hundred and twenty three pounds

ITEM, that the said Alvares doth owe me a sixth part of a parcel of diamonds which he sent to Paris to his brother Louis Alvares being eighty one diamonds of twelve grains.[18]  The said sixth part did cost one hundred and eighty nine pounds sterling.

ITEM, I have an account with the said Isaac Alvares not yet adjusted wherein he oweth me one hundred and sixty pounds Sterling. Per contra whereof he is to have one half of the profit of the diamonds which brought in company or will? be about two hundred and fifty pounds for his share.

ITEM, Louis Morais hath in his custody for my account three necklaces of oriental pearls amounting to two hundred pounds Sterling. The said De Morais doth also owe me by a written sixty pounds for jewels which I sold him.

ITEM, Louis Morais hath in his custody for my account three necklaces of oriental pearls amounting to two hundred pounds Sterling. The said De Morais doth also owe me by a writin sixty pounds for jewels which I sold him.

ITEM,  […] [..] parcels where [..] eighteen pounds and a little box of gold [..] at si?ver […] […] […] […] twenty pounds for forty […] […………………………] diamonds […] [….] […] in a writing.

ITEM, John Pollezo Sen? hath in**** my account two parcels of diamonds and to *****  seven diamonds which he sold to Moseh Mocatto weighing 170 carats ½ att? 45 shillings each and the other containing 31 diamonds weighing 89 carats of 11½ grains Each which I ordered him to sell at  45 shillings. The said Pollezo Sen? hath also in his hands three necklaces of pearls which I ordered him to sell for four hundred pounds Sterling or thereabouts whereas he is to give an account.

ITEM, I ordered the said Pollezo Sen? to cad? for Cadiz for my account one hundred pieces of Colchester  Bayes is for which he should reimburse himself out of the value of the parcel sold to Mocatta as aforesaid.

ITEM, I give to William Vega [19] on the ninth of this month £300 sth.,  for payment of the one half of three hundred cloth stock bayes which he is to lade away for account of both for Cadiz 200 pieces of which and for Lisbon 100 parts of black.

ITEM, Pargiter and Birde of Lisbon have within hands ?100 cases of lace in the name of Rapahel Henriques of Bordeaux who gave order that they should keep the same at the disposal of my brother of whom an account must be demanded for the same,  and for a certain remainder which my said brother is to remit me of all which such account shall be taken as my Hon. brother shall give.

ITEM, I sent to Lisbon three bills amounting to one million and five hundred and forty five mil reis into the hand of John Pargiter and William Birde[20] in the name of Manuel de Valasque to invest the proceed thereof in silver or gold and the said Valasquez who is Manuel Lopez Pe?ista shall give an account thereof.

ITEM, John DaCosta Furtado or his heirs do owe me one hundred pounds Sterling by a writing payable the 18th day of December

ITEM, Jacob Aboab doth owe me five hundred and forty five pounds sterling by five Bonds as by the same appears.

ITEM, William Blake who was lieutenant of the ship the Monmouth dwelling in Greenwich oweth me seventy five pounds Sterling by two writings amounting to £60 and £15 which is to be paid (by) him in the d…? for my account.

ITEM, Manuel Dias Vaz hath in his hands for my account two parcels of diamonds one of three hundred two carat and a half of two grams which he sold at twenty six guilders each carat. At six months time there was in that parcel one hundred seventy three carats of [r….] which I ordered him to sell at four guilders and a half the other parcel of two hundred and fifty two carats of five grams a piece which I gave him orders to sell at forty guilders each carat also five diamonds weighing nineteen carats and a half which I ordered him to sell at eighty guilders the carat so that the parcel which are unsold are now worth less. Account shall be demanded of him of the whole and I am indebted to him the remainder of an account current.

ITEM there is in the hands of the widow and heirs of Melchior Dias a box of diamonds with three parcels one of them of one hundred and forty carats which I ordered to be sold at thirty three at thirty three guilders and another of three hundred and one carat and a half. Eight diamonds weighing one carat with order to sell them at fourteen guilders and the other of one hundred and ten carats and a half of four diamonds to each carat which I ordered him in the name of Joseph Dela Fuente to sell at fifteen guilders the carat. There is also another parcel of sixty five diamonds weighing one hundred and thirty carats with orders to sell the same at twenty eight Guilders also one hundred and eighty carats of […..] [….] which George Dias Brandao did deliver his with order to sell the same at four guilders and all these parcels  above mentioned are now worth a great deal less. Less the same shall be sold at the price current whereof an account shall be demanded of him. And in the parcel of sixty-five diamonds there were some which he sold of the […] […] which was a greater parcel and upon account there-of he remitted what appears by the account current.

ITEM,  the said widow made [….] for my account of four thousand and eight hundred guilders upon the ship called Juda, and if anything be to be returned she shall give account.

ITEM, the designed? at Birde of Jacques Gonsales  is coming hither with a box of diamond which Abraham del Soto sends me for the remainder of those which he hath of mine in his hands which are worth four hundred pounds or thereabouts.

ITEM, Raphael Telles[21] is to pay one thousand eight hundred and thirty six pounds with interest for the time until he shall reimburse me the money and the goods which are at home and those which are in the company’s hands bought for him in the last sale do belong to him for which the said Telles shall be accountable .

ITEM, I have at home one ruby and one […] which I bought of Caleb/Cohen? de Faro for two thousand one hundred and fifty pounds which is now worth a great deal less.  There is also at home one parcel of diamonds of four to a carat which cost eight hundred and nine pounds Sterling and one necklace of pearls worth one hundred pounds. Also eight packets of coral which is worth four hundred and fifty pounds.

ITEM, Edward Backwell[22] doth owe me for my account five hundred pounds by a bond and two hundred pounds by another bond for account of my brother.

ITEM, Isaac Mainell? oweth me by two bonds eight hundred pounds and to my brother by another bond three hundred pounds all payable to me

ITEM, Jeremy Snow[23] doth owe me for my account five hundred pounds by a bond as appears by the same.

ITEM, Joseph Horneby[24] doth give me by a bond three hundred pounds payable to Gomez Rodrigues and to my brother by another bond £100 payable to me.

ITEM,  John Pollezo Sen? hath in his hands six pearls valued at one hundred and weight pounds, two of them not bared?

ITEM, Charles Duncombe hath in his hands five hatbands and some pieces of gold all weighing fifteen ounces, and one piece of gold weighing ten ounces.

ITEM, Charles Duncombe and Company do owe me according to the account seven Hundred seventy five pounds four shillings comprehending therein one note? upon Thompson  which shall be delivered to him.

ITEM, Abraham De Castro Aboab doth owe me ten pounds and I owe him three pounds for chocolate and the other seven I give him out of charity

ITEM,  in the [..] there is a cargo belonging to me in the hands of Diego and Arias/Arif? Roiz de Moines which is in the name of Joseph de la Fuente which is worth about one hundred and eight pounds Sterling which Francis de Liz[25] sent for my account.

ITEM, in the warehouse at my home there are five boxes of Indigo which are worth about one hundred and fifty pounds Sterling

ITEM,  I leave to my son Isaac Marques alias Francisco Marques one hundred pounds sterling only. It is my entire will that he shall not partake and anything more of my estate than the one hundred pounds and no more by reason of his extravagance and because he hath been always disobedient to me and diss***? from all other pre*****?

ITEM, I leave to my son Jacob Marques alias Joseph Marques three thousand pounds sterling and the same to my son Moses Marques.

ITEM, to each of my three daughters which I have by name, the eldest Elizabeth, the second daughter Ann and the other Ribka to have two thousand pounds each for their portions. And I do leave their  mother guardian and administrator as well of the said daughters. And in case either of my two young sons and either of the said daughters should happen to die before they be of a competent age to dispose of what belongs  to them. It is my pleasure and will it shall be divided amongst the other children; my eldest son before named Isaac Marques not entering into any share, for this is my last will and disposal that he shall have nothing of my estate and that he may not inherit any more than the hundred pounds before mentioned and that which I have to my sons shall be given to them which they shall be of competent age and until that time they shall be under the obedience and guardianship of their mother or in case of her death of such persons she shall name at her death which I wish may not happen in many days.

ITEM, I leave to my mother one thousand pound sterling to enjoy the interest  thereof during her life after her death to come to my wife.

ITEM,  I also leave to my said mother one hundred pounds Sterling which shall be paid to her presently in ready money to dispose thereof as she shall think fit.

ITEM, to my brother I mean my uncle Jacob Henriques de Miranda living in Pisa I leave one hundred sterling for his daughters

ITEM, I do leave to my mother fifty pounds to be given to my poor relations which I have in Italy

ITEM, I do have one thousand pounds Sterling to be taken out of the left of my estate that for the interest thereof fifty pounds sterling may be given yearly to an orphan of our nation and if there should be one of any kindred? such orphan to be preferred before any other which said thousand pounds shall be put in future hands? as my wife and her assistants heretofore named shall think fit.  And it shall be put out so that that there may be a certain revenue? of fifty pounds or more if the interest of the said thousand pounds shall amount thererto.

ITEM, I do have fifty pounds sterling to be distributed amongst the poor by my wife as she shall think fit

ITEM, I do leave to the Synagogue thirty pounds to set up a burning lamp all the year long and to say every holyday called Kipur a prayer for my soul.

ITEM, I do leave to Daniel Riz[26] Jr. habitant of London ten pounds to be paid him presently.

ITEM, I do leave to my two cousins daughters of my uncle Antonio Rodrigues Mogadoura called Branca and Beatrix one hundred pounds sterling for two jewels when they shall marry.

ITEM, it is my will that the residue of all my estate shall remain to my wife as executix and administratix thereof and guardian of my children as before is declared and with her***  assistants Jacob Berathiel  Jacob Gomez Serra, Jacob Fernandes Miranda and Isaac Sequeira to advise and assist her in the disposal hereof.

ITEM, I do leave to my black maid called Isabell ten pounds to buy her clothes.

ITEM, I do leave to the maid called Joyce five pounds to be paid presently.

ITEM, I do leave to Dr Antonio Aristide? Silvera? twenty pounds for a jewel to make as a remembrance of me

ITEM, Lastly my will is that all and every thing contained in this my will and testament made in my perfect  sence be performed, and that the same may be invariably executed wherin as contained and have signed the same in the presence of the witnesses here under written on the tenth day of November one thousand six hundred seventy and five, signed Diego Roiz Marques (signed) Manuel Lopez Silva?, Raphael Telles, Benjamin Nunez, Manuel? Henriquez.

ITEM,  besides all that is mentioned in this my will I do declare that I have an account with Joseph de Medina of Amsterdam and the balance thereof he oweth is about forty pounds sterling.

ITEM, I do further declare that I do owe to Salamon Medina about thirty pounds a little more at **** which I did not want to pay him by reason of a difference which I had with his brother Joseph de Medina.

ITEM, Abraham Sotto of Amsterdam did remit under my name to Raphael Henriques Jr. habitant of Bordeaux five thousand six hundred twenty six Cr****? in several bill of exchange whereof he must give account.

ITEM, lastly my will is that when my brother Antonio Rodrigues Marques doth come from Portugal he shall be guardian to my children with my wife and shall with her administer of my estate and that the said before named assistants which I leave shall only act until the coming of my said brother. All that is here before contained being my last will, signed Diego Roiz MarquesManuel Lopez, *** Rafael Telles Benjamin Nunez,  Manuel Henriques.

[Portion in Latin]

Sara Auriques, *** Isaac alias Francis Marques, Jacob alias joseph Marques,Isabella, Anna and Rebecca Marques minor,

[1] Edgar Samuel mentions a bill of lading for “a bisalho or purse of rough diamonds shipped by Joäo Machado of Goa in the Capitanha of the Portuguese East India fleet to Lisbon ‘at the cost and risk of Raphael Peres del Monte, householder of Amsterdam” see Edgar Samuel, Manuel Levy Duarte (1631-1714): An Amsterdam Merchant Jeweller and His Trade With London,, Internet 2011

[2] see Catalogue of East India Company Ships’ Journals and Logs 1600-1834

[3] A Portuguese monetary unit, lit. one thousand reis.

[4] Possibly Bey, ie the Bey of Tunis or Algiers. During the 17th and 18th Livorno was a centre for the trade in red coral and diamonds between the Mediterranean world and India. See eg. Trivaletto

[5] The word is difficult to read but seems to be the River of Janeiro, Portuguese for the “River of January” or Rio de Janeiro.

[6] According to Edgar Samuel, Francisco de Liz was the son of a major London merchant of the same name, who had settled at the Hague.

[7] Edgar Samuel, quotes a letter sent by Abe Rod Marques “Your parcel of diamonds
has been sent to my cousin Raphael Henriques”

[8] Samuel (see above) reports a bill of lading for a bisalho consigned in the Capitanha to Joseph Pimienta, ‘at the cost and risk of Gabriel de Medina, householder of Livorno‘”

[9] The family name is Rodrigues Marques, alternately Rodrigues is rendered as Roiz and on the wedding certificate of 1686 ofAbraham Rodrigues Marques (Diego’s nephew?) the place of origin is given as Mogadoura.(Akevoth Marriage Certificate 695-223). “A Tormenta dos Mogadouro na Inquisição de Lisboa” é um livro da autoria de António Júlio de Andrade e de Maria Fernanda Guimarães. Esta obra relata-nos a saga da família Mogadouro e faz o enquadramento histórico da época tormentosa (e vergonhosa) que o país viveu, tendo como base o processo de António Rodrigues Mogadouro, comerciante de origem judaica, cristão-novo, natural desta vila, onde viveu até aos 22 anos, que se estabeleceu posteriormente em Lisboa, onde veio a fazer fortuna. A família Mogadouro haveria de perecer, na sua quase totalidade, às mãos da “Santa Inquisição”. Os alemães tiveram Hitler. Nós tivemos estes tipos simpáticos da igreja católica. » Publicada por Antero Neto em 19.3.10.( mogadouro (ho mogadoyro)

[10] Isabel is possibly Isabel de Pina of Tomar who in 1627 married Emanuel Dias Henriques of Oporto, see Akevoth, Marriage Certificate 670-245.

[11] Probably, “Charles Duncombe (Lord Mayor of the City of London) (1648–1711), English banker who became richest commoner of his era; MP (1685–1687, 1690–1698, 1702–1711); Lord Mayor (1708–1709)”, Wikipedia 2011


[12] Bezat, this refers to the Bezoar stone that was regarded as an antidote to all types of poison. The “stone” is the gall stone of the bezoar goat. The bezoar stones imported into Europe were probably sourced in India or Iran (khurasan), see eg. J. Ruska and M. Plessner in Encyclopaedia of Islam, Vol. I, Leiden 1960, pp. 1155-54.

[13] SALAMPURIS /SALAMPOURIES/ The Javanese name for the Coromandel calico known to the English merchants as: Salampore. Woven on the coast varying widely in quality and price.Made out of pure cotton ranging fromcoarse to very fine, either plain white, blue or brown. The usual dimensions were 16 yards long and 1 yard wide. Exported in large quantities to England from Madras and Masulipatnam. PERCALLAS, A high grade plaln cotton cloth, see,  A GLOSSARY OF THE INDIAN TEXTILES EXPORTED TO SOUTH EAST ASIAN COUNTRIES AND ENGLAND,…/13_appendix.pdf

[14] Probably John Partiger, merchant of the Muscovy Company and active in Danzig

[15] BAYES, this was a type of cloth made in the region of  Ypres. “Classed as a woollen cloth, it was constructed from short staple carded fleece, spun on the woollen system. Woven ‘in the grease’ meant that the yarn was not scoured after spinning. The interlacement needed to produce a bayes cloth was one which would throw the weft onto the face of the cloth. A softly spun weft (one with only a few twists to the inch) was required, but the warp would have had a higher number of tpi in order to resist the stresses and strains of weaving and to enable sufficient tension to be applied. After weaving the cloth had to be scoured and fulled. Scouring removed the grease and fulling had the effect of closing up the web.” Dutch fullers working in England during the late 16th century worked the cloth by foot and apparently naked “no fullers shall com to the stars naked without a napern from the midell downward….’ Many of the cloths were sold white, others were dyed.” Norwich Textiles, Glossaries, Internet 2011. John Partiger must have traded between Eastern Europe and Portugal.

[16]. One twentieth of a guilder.

[17]. Bodian, Miriam, “An Amsterdam Jewish Merchant of the Golden Age: Jeronimo Nunes Da Costa (1620-1697), Agent of Portugal in the Dutch Republic.” Studia Rosenthaliana 18, no. 1 (1984): 21-40

[18]. 4 grains equal approximately 1 carat

[19] On the same day the sum of £800 was subscribed by William Vega, of London,
Merchant, who subsequently increased his holding to £1,000. He sold his holding
in November 1695. Mr. Arnold lists wills of two William Vegas, one in 1701 and the
other in 1706 see J. A. Giuseppi, f.s.a., “Sephardi Jews and the early years of The Bank of
England” [The lists appended to this paper are being published in Miscellanies VI.]; also,Treasurer Danby’s subscription of a docquet dated Dec. of a pardon to William Vega alias de Vega, of London, merchant, of all rapes and convictions of the same, trespasses, assaults and batteries by him committed on Elizabeth Fancourt and Elizabeth Hoskyns now wife of Enoch Lamby ; as also of all other rapes, contempts, misdemeanours and trespasses by him committed before Oct. 30 last : Also of a pardon to Jonathan Prickman, of London, merchant, of all trespasses, misdemeanours, etc., by him committed before Oct. 30 last. With restitution of lands and goods to said Vega and discharge of all bonds of him and his sureties. From: ‘Entry Book: December 1677, 1-15’, Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 5: 1676-1679 (1911), pp. 803-817. URL:  Date accessed:
18 November 2011. Entry Book, December 1677, 1-15 British History online

[20] Possibly William Bird of Bristol, see Patrick McGrath ed., Merchants and merchandise in seventeenth-century Bristol, Bristol Record Society’s Publications, Vol. XIX.

[21] Probably Raphael Telles (brother Jacques Telles) of Bordeaux see Jacques Blamont Le lion et le moucheron: histoire des marranes de Toulouse, *******

[22] Probably « Edward Backwell (ca. 1618 – 1683) was an English goldsmith, financier, and politician. He has been called “the principal founder of the banking system in England“, Wikipedia. See also Blackwell’s account book where several Diego Rodrigues are listed.

[23] Jeremy Snow (c. 1629–1702) was a banker during the reign of Charles II.

[24] Joseph Horneby, London goldsmith . Treasure and Trade Balances: the East India Company’s Export …onlinelibrary.wiley. KN CHAUDHURI – 1968  (Nathaniel and Joseph Horneby, Sir Robert Vyner, Sir John Frederick, Sir … Jeronimo Miranda, Alphonso and Gomez Rodriguez, and Solomon Del Medina. …).

[25]. 1680, May 28, “Jacob s of Francis De Lis, Jew Marchant, and Eachell his wife”, REGISTERS OF ST. HELEN's, BISHOPSGATE, Brigham Young University..

[26] Probably Daniel Riess cf. Bethahaim Velho Burial Register no. 65.


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    May 10, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Francoso is a misreading for Trancoso

    Note 4. “The Bay” is Bahia dos Santos in Brazil

    Note 15 Bayes or Baize was normally manufactured in England and exported to Portugal

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      Thank you for your comments,

  2. Christiaan van Vuure
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    Luis Goncalves de Andrade = David da Costa de Andrade, merchant. Baptised Guarda S. Vicente parish 15.4.1639, died Amsterdam 20.1.1685. Son of Nuno da Costa de Andrade (Belmonte-Guarda 1654), banker, and of Maria (Sara) Henriques (Guarda-Amsterdam 1682). Brother of Joseph and Benjamin da Costa de Andrade (of Curacao and of Martinique)and Ester, wife of Isaac Mendes Penha, and Ribca, wife of Benjamin Jessurun Lobo (of Amsterdam). Luis/David married Amsterdam 1658 Ester Franco Mendes (c1640-1666). One son: Abraham da Costa de Andrade (c1659-1690).

  3. Maria Fernanda Guimarães
    September 3, 2012 at 8:37 pm

    About Isabel Henriques married to António Rodrigues Mogadouro.

    Isabel was sister of Manuel Fernandes Vila Real, trial 7794 of Lisbon, burnt at stake on December 1st 1652

  4. Maria Fernanda Guimarães
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    About Diogo Rodrigues Marques

    Francisco Rodrigues Marques native of Mogadouro and Maria Lopes native of Miranda do Douro.

    Grandparents ( mother side)
    Luis Lopes, native of Vimioso. Trial 3497C.
    Beatriz Henriques native of Algoso. Trial 2155C burnt at stake
    They lived in Miranda do Douro in Costanilha Street.

    Maria Fernanda Guimarães

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