Understanding ‘Individual Detail’

We have transcribed as much information as could be gleaned from each record therefore empty fields mean that this information was not in the record or could not be read or interpreted.

When looking at a marriage record result there is a link to the spouse’s individual details. Other than for marriage records there are no links to other family members although there may be information in the notes section to help you find additional family members.

NR: is the abbreviation for ‘Not Recorded’ and is used in Family Name or Forename fields only: Indicates no name was entered in the original register. Using this as a sole search parameter will bring up too many records but can be used in conjunction with other criteria in the Advanced Search

Square Brackets:
May be used in the following circumstances but never as part of search criteria. Always used round the day\month portion in the Date field 1795 [4 May].

Where a family or forename has not been used in the orginal register but is either implied in the rest of the record or is known from other records regarding this particular individual or family.

In Family Name Field: NR [RAPHAEL] In forename field NR [Jane]. In some circumstances where such an attribution seems highly probable but where we lack full supporting evidence, the name included in the square bracket will be followed by a question mark: NR [RAPHAEL?].

Round Brackets:
Are used to enclose a person’s status in the forename field; n/r (child); n/r (widow), (MN) equals married name and appears against the family name of married women.

Titles & Abbreviations

Bat                  –    Daughter of
Ben                 –    Son of
(MN)              –    Married Name
PMR / P’M    –    Parnas uManhig (President)
SGL                –    Segan Leviyah (Levite)
Sh’Z                –    Shaliach Zibbur (Reader or Cantor)
ZL                   –    Zichrono liveracha (May his memory be for a blessing)

Privileged member – Seat holder or privileged member of the synagogue

Stillborn / Infant,     Abortion / Miscarriage
The Hebrew terms for Stillborn, Abortion, Miscarriage, and Infant, used in some of these records may have different usages today.

In some instances the meaning is quite clear, but others are less so, and Morse and Susser frequently differ.