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Entries from the Great Synagogue Offertory Book by Henry Roche — 8 Comments

  1. Hello! I have a handwritten confirmation of birth of Moses Magnus – the back of the paper is annotated ‘certificate of the birth of M Isaacs’ whilst the statement inside pertains to certifying that Moses Magnus was born in the city of london etc etc.

    Knowing little about Jewish ancestry I’m trying to understand where this gentleman may fit into my family and just wanted to know whether the ISAACS refers to his familial name?
    Many thanks

  2. Hello. In your record for Lesser Gottheimer (from GSOFa):
    [GOTTHEIMER] [Lesser] Leizer Abraham G-h H p 18/12.† GSM 249/07 (1827). Census 1851 Whitechapel. Wife Eliza remarried 1863. GSOFa 223

    You list the father as “Abraham G-h H”. H = HaHaver, but what is “G-h”? Is it written as such, in which case I assume it is short for Gottheimer?
    Many thanks! Stephen

    • Hello Stephen, Please take a look at the abbreviations listed below the table by Henry Roche (the info in the table is his work). Words / names in [ ] (square brackets) are not in the original record but gathered from other additional research. Therefore, Gottheimer and first name Lesser have been established from the abbreviation G-H and Leizer Abraham found in the original record. That is my understanding from the information provided by Henry. I hope this helps.

  3. Bonjour,
    pouvez vous me dire si Jacob Isaac Levy Miers ,si ce dernier nom de famille ne serait pas un ajout?
    Il s’agit du père de Miriam Elizabeth Miers, mère de Leslie Hore-Belisha.(Londres)
    Pouvez-vous m’aider, ce dernier était le cousin germain de mon père M Levy.
    Grand merci par avance, avec mes salutations considérées
    Marceline-Rose Johnen-Levy
    Can you tell me if Jacob Isaac Levy Miers, if the latter surname is not an addition?
    He is the father of Miriam Elizabeth Miers, mother of Leslie Hore-Belisha (London).
    Can you help me, the latter was the first cousin of my father M Levy.
    Many thanks in advance, with my best regards
    Marceline-Rose Johnen-Levy

  4. my name is Gerrit Kornalijnslijper from the Netherlands
    Is there a copy of the marriage certificate
    plese infom me
    best regards


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