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  1. My great grandfather David Jacobs died on 26 April 1903 at 161 Lodge Lane, Liverpool.
    My great grandmother Juliet Jacobs died on 9 September 1893 at 30 Catherine Street, Liverpool. She was buried at Green Lane Cemetery on Wednesday 13 September 1893. Her father was Joshua Poland, his family had also been known as Pollak.


  3. Isaac Schwarz, who later changed his name to Isaac Black was married at the Bayswater Synagogue to Julie Frank on 17 Nov 1880

  4. I believe Louis Heilbron died 1878 according to family tree,
    born c1850 , Hanover. son of Abraham and Henrietta. Siblings Simon, Moses, Emma, Louis, Max, Rosalie and George

  5. Caroline Newman listed here (nee Michols) b 23 Feb 1853 d Apr-Jun 1909.
    My Grandmother’s Grandmother. Married in the Jewish faith.
    I’m happy that she is here with members of her family, the Michols.

    • Do you know why the Michols family emigrated to England? For business purposes? And why several members of the family emigrated to Canada after Louis MIchols’ death in 1908?

  6. Coincidentally I’ve logged here just a week later to update about the Michols family. My Grandmother’s Grandmother was Caroline, John Michols daughter. Emma and Bertha Michols as well as their four siblings, were full siblings, not half. I’ll message Christina on ancestry.com to clear that up (or to be corrected if I’ve compiled incorrect information of course.) I will log back on here to update the Michols information, am out of time tonight though. Thanks, Douglas

  7. Louis Michols was my grandmother Nell (Eleanor) Michols’ father. After he died in 1908, his widow Mary Elizabeth (Sherrard) Michols and their children Marjorie, Nell (Eleanor), Emma and a younger brother all emigrated to Winnipeg, Canada. Nell married H.P.Matthews, my grandfather. As a young man he had also emigrated to Winnipeg. He was born in Birmingham but lived in Stoke on Trent and in London with his family as he was growing up. After their marriage, Nell and her husband lived in the SF Bay area. Her sisters and brother remained in Canada.
    John was Louis’ father. Emma was a younger half sister of Louis’ as was Bertha.

  8. Hi there,
    The information on this page is great and I’m very appreciative of it. My paternal great, great parents – Sheina Bluma Solomon (died 1926) and Morris Solomon (died 1918 – stone consecrated 1919) are both buried here.
    I have emailed the Liverpool Council to see if i could get more information about the inscriptions on their grave stones and received a reply today saying the Council holds no records at all for Green Lane.
    Can anyone help me with this?
    Also, I find it very upsetting that the cemetery is in the state it’s in, especially as I have relatives interred here. I live in New Zealand but was born in Liverpool. Thanks so much.

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  10. I live in this area and had no idea this was a Jewish cemetery before I found this page. Let me tell you all now, it’s in a terrible state. I’m pretty tall so can see over the bricked up gate space. All the stones seem to have been removed and it looks like a soul hasn’t stepped foot in there for decades. It’s completely overgrown. Awful. It should restored like the nearby once similarly abandoned Jewish cemetery in Kensington has been.

    • Thank you for your comments.
      If you have any photos we would be happy to post them.
      Perhaps a local group will get together to tidy up.
      It is always difficult for communities to decide on how best to spend any available funds, whether to help the living or to tidy up cemeteries, it is not a choice I would like to have to make. There is also the argument that these burial grounds should be places of rest and undisturbed which in turn is a benefit to wildlife, flora and fauna.

    • Hi I lived by this Jewish cemetery all through my childhood , it has always been closed and has never been looked after, such a shame .There are not many people who actually knows it exists , my parents told me when I was a child , to people walking past it’s just a wall not knowing that there are lots off people buried there

  11. Also, Priscilla was Isaac Fineberg’s wife who died in 1865. I can only guess that Elias was Isaac’s brother – they were born just a year apart.

  12. Isaac Fineberg was my Great Great Grandfather and from what I have found out he died in 1903. Harris Fineberg was his son who died in 1920. Both Isaac and Harris were involved in the Music Hall Business in Liverpool (The New Star Music Hall – now the Playhouse Theatre). Isaac had a daughter Isabella who married Solomon Cohen whose daughter, Priscilla was my Grandmother. Solomon and his father Jonas were also involved in the music hall business, namely the Constellation Music Hall, Whitechapel. I have yet to find out where Jonas and Solomon are buried.

    Thank you

    • Hi Robert may I ask?
      Did Solomon and Isabella also have a son called Samuel?
      My email XXX is I am trying to back in my family history could be that same Isabella is my great great grandmother.
      ADMIN EDIT: email address removed please contact via the ‘contact us’

      • my great grandfather was called Solomon who could have possibly been married to Isabella. My grandfather was Samuel who married twice. All in Liverpool.

  13. I had ancestors in Bootle from Russia their name was harris and they were tailors . My grandfather moved to glasgow Simon was his name . His father was Isaac , his wife Annie Severski. Does anyone know of this family . I have tried for years to find them .thank you .

  14. I’m looking for where my paternal grandfather may be buried died in about 1943’ish

    His official name was Hyman Isbovitch but possibly changed and used the name Hyman
    Harrison (as my surname)
    He was a member of the Shul in Vine St Liverpool as my late father was barmitzvah was there

    Looking forward to your repl
    Best wishes

    • I’m afraid we can only provide information on those we have added to CemeteryScribes website ie where we have photos of tombstones. You may want to try the relevant burial society for further information or BethDin.

    • I have recently spoken to the Jewish Historical Society branch in Liverpool on lost synagogues of the city, and don’t know of a shul in Vine Street. I think one of the two in Crown Street is meant here.

  15. Adeline (Ada) Barnett nee Leon was my Great- Grandmother.
    According to the Schul records she died on 12th September 1915.
    Her husband was Frederick Barnett who was president of Hope Street Synagogue in 1896. She married him on 22nd April 1868

    I am interested in finding out where Frederick Barnett is buried. It could be in Salford Manchester but i rather think he would be near his wife in Liverpool.

  16. AARON COHEN Died 08/10/1910. Born Dobzyrn, Brzeg County Opole Voivodeship Poland June 15 1838. Husband of Sophia, Father of Jeanette Lazarus, Maurice Cohen, Isaac Cohen, William Cohen, Fannie Price, Rebecca Joseph, Emily Bergman, Esther Bergman, Abraham Cohen. Brother of Wolf Cohen.
    Lived at 144 Great Howard Street and 50 Park Lane, Liverpool Merseyside.

    • I am looking for the brother of Aaron, Zev Cohen and his line. It his is what I have: Joseph Israel Cohen b. 1847 
      m. 1866 Miriam Barnett b.1841 

      8 children

      Eliza 1867/68
      Morris 1869/70
      David 3rd September 1871
      Esther 1874/5
      Marks Mordecai 6 March 1877
      Rachel 1880/1882
      Leah 1884
      Rebecca 1886

  17. Does anyone knoww of a finestone family who had a business called Days in kempston st liverpoo,, mum worked there after the war
    Is now 91 living in ca ada and wonders what happend to them

    • I think I remember them. I worked for a childrenswear company and G Day did our pleating. A chap called Harry Jardine ran it. It was still going on the early 1970s

  18. My wife Laura is the grandaughter of Laura Marcus nee Stern who is twice referred to above.She is the daughter of Victor Marcus of Belfast who was born in 1900 and has a birth mug giving the date for her Grandmothers birth as 6th March 1868.If anyone has more information about the family past or present I would be interested to hear.Esther Stern nee Woolf must be the my wife’s Great Grandmother.

  19. I am interested in the Lowis Warner grave – no other info? Richard Warner married Lizzie Somers in Liverpool, and his first wife Elizabeth Benjamin had died perhaps a couple of years earlier, apparently childless after several years of marriage. The de Frece cousins of Lizzie Somers are in this graveyard. Is this definitely a Jewish grave?

  20. Frederika Marcus was born 1823 in Thorn, Prussia. She was married to David Levi Marcus, in Prussia. They came to Liverpool in 1851 with a baby, Johanna. 2 more children were born to them in Liverpool, Martha in 1860 and Isaac in 1863. David was a Merchant. They lived at 27 Warburton Street, and their daughter Johanna married in Hope Place Synagogue.

  21. Elias Moss, husband of Rachel Moss:

    1849 Aug31 died at 69 Great CrossHall-street Liverpool Elias Moss, 69, pawnbroker of cholera certified;
    Informant Isaac Abrahams in attendance of 26 St Anne St Liverpool on Sep03.

    Reportedly buried at Green Lane Cemetery

  22. 1865 Nov18 died at 47 Upper Canning St, Liverpool
    Rachel Moss, 76, widow of Elias Moss, a coal merchant,
    of Hypertrophy of the heart. Certified.
    Informant: Edward A Cohan, in attendance, resident 47 Upper Canning St, November 20th.
    Rachel was the mother of Ellen Moss and mother-in-law of Peter Stuart, and the wife of Elias Moss. All ancestors of my husband.

  23. Harris Nathan Curlender died at 6 Cavendish Road in New Brighton, Wallasey on 25th April 1925. (Source : England and Wales National Probate Calendar 1851-1941.)

  24. There are death registrations for

    Adolph Selig – Liverpool, Jan/Feb/Mar 1890 Vol 8b, Page 142
    Rosina Lena Selig – Liverpool, Oct/Nov/Dec 1908 Vol 8b, Page 77

    There is a marriage record for Adolph Selig + Rosina Lena Siemms – Liverpool, Apr/May/Jun 1876 Vol 8b Page 459.

  25. There is a death registration for “Adolphe Isaac Siemms” in Apr/May/Jun 1899 in Liverpool. The reference is Volume 8b page 44.

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  27. Deaths Mar 1880 Levin Joseph 43 Liverpool 8b 94
    Probate: 28 March 1880 at Nelson St, Liverpool
    Deaths Dec 1873 Levin Bertha [Bluma?] 35 Liverpool 8b 100
    Bertha was wife of Joseph on 1871 Census
    Deaths Mar 1916 Lipkin Leah 57 Toxteth P. 8b 343
    (Marr: Sep 1878 HESSELBERG Leah = LIPKIN Robert W. Derby 8b 952)
    Probate: Leah Lipkin d: 24 March 1916 adm to husband Robert

  28. Deaths Mar 1876 LEVASON Lewis 76 W. Derby 8b 468
    Probate Index: d: 10 Feb 1876 at Crown St, Liverpool
    Deaths Jun 1873 Levason Kate 72 W. Derby 8b 330 wife of Lewis
    Deaths Dec 1885 LEVI Miriam 59 Liverpool 8b 105 wife of Godfrey
    Deaths Jun 1887 Levi Aaron 55 W. Derby 8b 251 husband of Maria. Probate index: glazier d: 8 April 1887 at Everton Rd, Liverpool, adm to wife, Maria Levi

  29. Deaths Sep 1917 LEDERMAN Lewis 66 Fylde 8e 575
    Probate: Lewis Lederman of Grove St, Liverpool d: 29 Jul 1917 at the Savoy Hotel, Blackpool. Adm to widow, Mary Esther Lederman
    Deaths Sep 1932 Lederman Mary E 78 Marylebone 1a 550

  30. Deaths Sep 1870 Kinsbruner Samuel 78 Liverpool 8b 153
    Deaths Sep 1890 Klein Adolph 60 Liverpool 8b 71
    Deaths Sep 1889 Kruger Simon David 52 W. Derby 8b 361 b: Poland husband of Matilda Silverstein/Silverstone m: 1865 Liverpool
    Deaths Mar 1903 Landau Sarah Rebecca 66 Liverpool 8b 105

  31. Deaths Sep 1893 Jacobs Juliet 59 Liverpool 8b 115
    Wife of David, orginally from London Bow. Her maiden name was POLAND – perhaps a sister of Amelia (Poland) Barnett

    Deaths Jun 1903 Jacobs David 79 Toxteth Park 8b 133
    According to probate index, he died 26 April 1903.b: London St Pancras.

  32. For Towey Cotner? Deaths Dec 1869 Cotnar Toby 50 Liverpool 8b 22

    Maybe – Deaths Jun 1880 Franks Esther 63 Liverpool 8b 122

    Deaths Mar 1915 Gabriel Catherine 71 Toxteth P. 8b 323 widow of Henry, Dental Surgeon. Enumerated as Kate. According to probate she died 15 Feb 1915. She might be Catherine Levy who married Henry Gabriel (London City 1c 231 Mar 1864) Probate was granted to Solomon Israel Levy, schoolmaster, who was the same age as their son Solomon Gabriel

  33. Possibility
    Deaths Jun 1892 Benjamin Amelia 84 Chorlton 8c 529 She was the widow of Joel Benjamin (married before 1841 census) – last enumerated in Chorlton upon Medlock but she was born in Liverpool. Her widowed niece, Sophia (Leon) Lazarus w/o Abraham Lazarus,
    lived with her for many year.

  34. According to the Jewish Chronicle archives (27th November, 1925), my grandfather Gershon Slutzky died on 17th November, 1925

  35. Aaron David Shock:
    Deaths Dec 1904 SHOCK David 76 W. Derby 8b 413

    His son, Joseph Marcus Shock
    Deaths Sep 1919
    SHO[C_]K Joseph 59 W.Derby 8b 483

    Joseph’s wife, Deaths Dec 1930
    Shock Esther 69 Liverpool 8b 86

    • Shock Jocabeth
      1916 Shock Jocabeth Deaths Dec 1916 Shock Jochebed 85 W.Derby 8b 749

      was the wife of
      Aaron David Shock.

      Her name on the death entry is confirmed with an entry in the Jewish Chronicle, dated 17th Nov 1916, Jocabeth Shock. Died 13 November 1916. Mother of Joseph Shock and Mrs David [Anne Rachel Shock] Lewis.

  36. David Krabest last of Whitechapel, Liverpool – pipe manufacturer d: 9 Aug 1889 at Rainhill. Helena Krabest, relict
    Helena Krabest of 150 Dale St, Liverpool, widow, died 18 Dec 1917
    Rebecca Kirk wife of Harry Kirk [hair dresser] 170 Windsor St, Liverpool d: 14 Nov 1915. According to 1911 census she was born abt 1872 in “Warshaw, Poland Russia. Children Rose & Max Kirk.

  37. Heilbron PS from Probate Indexes
    Annie Heilbron wife of Simon Heilbron emigration agent d: 1 Jan 1907
    Simon Heilbron of 29 Great George Square, Liverpool d: 18 Nov 1915

  38. Deaths Sep 1901 Barnett Philip 74 Toxteth Park 8b 183 (m 1: Harriet = GOULTY Rebecca H[arriett] 1859 in Hope Place Synagogue Liverpool J12/1/62 2: Amelia POLAND 08/05/1883 in London. Amelia was d/o Joshua & Esther Poland. She was born abt 1836 in Whitechapel)Philip was a banker and money changer
    See Harriett Rebecca Barnett d: 1880
    Deaths Mar 1894 BARNETT Amelia 58 Liverpool 8b 78

  39. Deaths Dec 1865 Hassan Samuel D[e_] Moses Liverpool 8b 11
    Deaths Jun 1916 Heiman Gertrude 21 Liverpool 8b 69
    Deaths Jun 1888 HERMAN Augusta 59 Liverpool 8b 26
    Deaths Sep 1880 Herman Clara 0 Liverpool 8b 4
    Deaths Dec 1885 Herman David 0 Liverpool 8b 24
    Deaths Jun 1907 HESSELBERG Miriam 55 Liverpool 8b 65
    Deaths Mar 1904 Hesselberg Esther 20 W. Derby 8b 406
    Deaths Dec 1886 HESSELBERG Leah 0 W. Derby 8b 340 OR
    Deaths Sep 1916 Hesselberg Leah 50 Wirral 8a 439
    Deaths Sep 1927 Hesselberg Simon 75 Liverpool 8b 59

    • I have all the records of the Hesselberg Family in Liverpool and am the Family Archivist.
      If anyone wants to contact me about the Hesselbergs, please feel free to contact me.
      Simon Hesselberg

      • Hi Simon
        Interested in Annie Hesselberg nee Morris
        who was youngest sister of my grandma Minnie Brown nee Morris who lived in Clayton le Moors

      • Hi Simon

        I am interested in Maurice I Hesselberg who married Helen Walters. I am somehow related to the Walters side of the family and trying to figure out how. I believe Maurice may have done some research into this side of the family.



      • Hello Simon,
        I am Ann Pinsent nee Leyland, the daughter of Alfred Leyland and niece of Evelyn and Jack Walters. I think you are my cousin if you have a sister called Julia and your mum and dad are Helen and Maurice? If so, I would love to hear how you all are. I now live in York.
        Many thanks,

  40. Sprinza Gorfunkle (nee Ellenbogen) died 22 Apr 1925. She was the wife of Lazar Yankel (Lazarus Jacob) who died in 1928 (He appears in some censuses as Hargreaves G Gorfunkle).
    Peshke Gorfunkle was Lazar’s mother – I don’t know when she died.
    Louis was the son of Lazar – he was born in 1890.
    David Ellenbogen was the father of Sprinze – he died in 1898 (Sep, W Derby 8b 255). Rachel was his wife. Sellick (Selig) was their son.
    I have full deatils of all this family, if anyone is interested.

        • Sarah Mandell was the oldest child of Sellick and Matilda Ellenbogen—she being my aunt———-but died 11 years before my birth in 1926. Her Grand daughter–Esme Gordon (Curlander) lives in Southport, England.

        • Hi, I am trying to find out more about the ellenbogen family. My great grandmother Lillian Wright need ellenbogen was the great grand child of David and Rachel ellenbogen. All information welcome so I can piece my heritage would be gratefully received. Thank you

    • Simon, I was very pleased to come across this information as Laarus Gorfunkle was my great grandfather. My mother was Naomi Gorfunkle daughter of Wolfe who was the son of Lazarus. I have been investigating the family for a while now and would be very interested to know what other information you have.

      kind regards


    • Sellick Ellenbogen was my Maternal Grandfather—-he married my grandmother (Mathilda Haschman) in 1869 when he was 21 years of age and my grandmother was just 15—–he made his living as a Glazer in Everton (Priory Mount).
      I believe they had a total of 12 children my mother being the youngest (Gertrude)

      It is my understanding that Sellick and his younger brother Issac arrived as immigrants to England together.

      If you have anything else to add to this I would certainly appreciate having it!!

    • Simon,
      I would be interested in hearing if you – or any other Ellenbogen researcher, know what relationship Simon & Rachel had with Marks and Sarah Ellenbogen (born ~1834 and ~1844) – also from Rajgrod in Poland / Russia. Marks is equivalent to Mordechai and Markus. They also emigrated to Liverpool – later much of that family moved out to Rhodesia.
      David Birnbaum

    • Hi,
      I am trying to piece together my family tree and my great grandmother was Lillian Ellenbogen the grand daughter of David and Rachel ellenbogen. Would you be able to share any information or stories you have about he family and extended family please. Thanks Barbara

  41. Deaths Dec 1882 Heilbron Theodor 33 Liverpool 8b 91
    s/o Abraham & Henrietta b: Hanover
    Deaths Dec 1915 Heilbron Simon 70 Liverpool 8b 138
    Emigration agent. h/o Annie
    Deaths Mar 1907 HEILBRON Annie 61 Liverpool 8b 44
    Deaths Jun 1879 Heilbron Max 23 Liverpool 8b 72
    s/o Abraham & Henrietta b: Hanover
    Deaths Mar 1900 Heilbron Abraham 80 Liverpool 8b 56
    Shipping agent from Hanover, h/o of Henrietta
    Deaths Sep 1884 Heilbron Harriet 66 Liverpool 8b 82

    • hi, my friend Bill Heilbronn is researching his family. he was born in Glasgow but family from Liverpool…..Germany. that same family you are researching is his so you will be connected. I can send you on his address in Canada if you would like it. do you have any old photos?
      Yours kindly

      • My Mum was Marie Heilbron (died 2004, Sheffield) and her parents were George and Rachel Heilbron who lived at Ferndale Road, Liverpool.

        I am trying to put together a family tree but can’t find out much. Perhaps your friend Bill has some information?

        Many thanks

        Gillian Sykes

        • Hi, I think Bills

          father was a Theodore Heilbronn and mother Helen Black. Theodore was born in Liverpool and moved to Glasgow. Rest of the family remained in Liverpool.
          Theodores father was a Moses William and mother Sarah. They had quite a big family.

    • Do you have much on this family. This is the same family my friend is looking for. His Father Theodore Heilbron is a son of Moses- son of Abraham and Henrietta Heilbron..Love to know more or get copies of any old photos….

  42. Deaths Jun 1880 Barnett Harriet Rebecca 56 Liverpool 8b 132
    Deaths Dec 1910 Bloom Arnold 56 Birkenhead 8a 285
    Ellenbogen David husband of Rachel, father of Isaac 65 years old on 1881 Census,62 years old in 1891, enumerated with wife and son (and his family) in West Derby for both censuses. No other sign of him
    Deaths Dec 1889 Gutman Benjamin Marks 52 Liverpool 8b 117
    Deaths Mar 1893 Hahn Isaac 30 Toxteth Park 8b 155
    Deaths Mar 1907 Hahn Magnus 80 Ormskirk 8b 568
    Deaths Jun 1886 Hammerstein Caroline 70 Liverpool 8b 57
    Deaths Sep 1872 HAMMERSTEIN Marris 45 Liverpool 8b 111

  43. Deaths Jun 1896 De Leon Esther 38 W. Derby 8b 363
    Deaths Mar 1885 Dutche Rachel 70 Liverpool 8b 123
    Deaths Jun 1898 Ellenbogen Rachel 75 W. Derby 8b 240
    Deaths Sep 1901 Ellenbogen Sellick 54 W. Derby 8b 325

  44. Possibilities
    Deaths Dec 1924 Agulnek Amelia 59 Liverpool 8b 84
    Deaths Dec 1891 De Freece Esther 58 Liverpool 8b 73
    Deaths Dec 1910 De Freece Jennie 28 Liverpool 8b 29
    Deaths Mar 1873 De Frece Joseph 0 Liverpool 8b 116
    Deaths Jun 1922 De Frece Julia 72 Toxteth P 8b 182
    Deaths Jun 1881 DE JONGH Eva 48 Liverpool 8b 147
    Deaths Sep 1897 De Jongh Louis 69 W. Derby 8b 489
    He might have been Louis A on 1891 Census

    • These de Frece family members are all related to Henry de Frece and his brothers, who were theatrical entrepreneurs in Liverpool, the de Frece Circuit of 20 music halls in London etc, father of Sir Walter and comedian Laurie and their showbiz wives.I think Eva de Jongh was also from that family. Esther de Frece was married to one of the brothers and they always spelled their name wrong (Frace, de Frace, Fries etc). The London de Fries chandalier makers were, I think, the same family with a variant spelling. All Dutch origin and mainly stationers, printers.

  45. Deaths Jun 1857 Kisch Julia Liverpool 8b 165
    There was a Julia Kisch living with her brother, Simon, on 1851 census in Marylebone; 1841 daughter of Abraham & Isabella Kisch. Not clear but it looks was if Abraham was Secretary and Reader of Western Synagogue in Westminster St James
    Could the illegible name be Emrik or Gompers. It appears as if her death was registered under her maiden name.
    Marriages Mar 1852 (>99%)
    Collins Julia St James Westminster 1a 473
    [Emrik Gompers Eliazer St James Westminster 1a 473]
    [Kisch Julia St James Westminster 1a 473]
    Myers Lionel Alman St James Westminster 1a 473

    • Emrik Gompertz/Emrik Gompers
      Could this be something to do with the Gompertz of Emmerich family? At this minute I am pushed for time but I have a feeling that in researching Benjamin and Lewis (sons from I suspected the second family of Solomon Gompertz) I noticed an (elder?) sister, Julia. (Your blog is fantastic, esp. the Marques will)

      • Thanks Hannah for your kind comments, we haven’t had time yet to research these families but you may well be right.

  46. Deaths Mar 1852 AUB Samuel Meyer Liverpool 8b 196

    Name: Samuel M Aub
    Port of Arrival: Dover, England [from Belge]
    Arrival Date: 11 Jun 1848
    Country of Origin/Native of: Germany Merchant

    no trace on 1851 Census

  47. Name: NURICK, Rachel
    Registration District: West Derby
    County: Lancashire
    Year of Registration: 1893
    Quarter of Registration: Apr-May-Jun
    Age at death: 24
    Volume No: 8B
    Page No: 429

    Sorry, I can’t give you more, I am related to the NEURICKS but I don’t know who this Rachel is.

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