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  1. I have recently found that my grandmother Rose Bertha Friedlander’s great grandfather (i.e. my great great grandfather was Lesser Friedlander (Birn Cuxhaven, Hamburg 1809 died London 1879). I have found good deal of information from browsng the web but wowuld like to find out more infomartion about his work for orphans – preseumably near Aldgate where he lived for most of his life. He married Elizabeth Assur at the Great Syngogue in 1838, I read that the Synagogue was destroyed in the Blitz and presumably records were lost?

      • Hi,
        Thanks for your kind reply. I will continue to browse the web for information. Thanks for keeping such good records, this well documented history has enabled me trace my ancestory. Three months ago I had no idea even of my grandmother’s maiden name! Now I have been able to get back to 1790 – further than that may prove more difficult as the records are held abroad. But I shall continue to build up a picture of their lives.
        C B-P

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