Will Extract
Reference NA009
Family Name AARONS
Forenames Jacob
Probate Date 1831 (19 feb)
Address Formerly Jamaica, then Tulse Hill, Brixton
Occupation Gentleman
Spouse Abigail Mendez Alvares
Siblings Lewis Aarons, Solomon Aarons, Mary Aarons, Rebecca Bennet, Sophia Hayes.
Children Rachel wife of Alexander Flash, Elizabeth, Jane, Juliana, Henry, Alexander, Aaron, David, George.
Grandchildren Edward and William Flash?
Other Relatives Son-in-law Alexander Flash. Nephew, E. Lewis Aarons
Executors, Administrators Alexander Flash and Abraham Rodriques DaCosta, Merchants, Kingston, Jamaica.
Witnesses Henry Spencer Heathcote of Coleman Street and J.B. Hall his clerk
Notes Jacob must be a son of Aaron Katsov. His sister is Sophia Hayes and must be Sophia Aaron daughter of Aharon Katsov who in 1802 married Solomon Hays b. Michael (Moses) from New York (GSM 069/5). Michael Hays from New York is probably one of the grandsons of Michael Hays of Holland, perhaps Moses Michael Hays of Westchester, New York (1739-1805). See Stern Archive, AJA, Internet 2011. Brother Lewis must be GSM055/4. Another Sister is recorded in the will as Rebecca Bennett, her un-named husband perhaps related to Rabbi Solomon Bennett (1761-1838).
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1781