Will Extract
ELIAS Benjamin
Reference NA100
Family Name ELIAS
Forenames Benjamin
Probate Date 1827 (12 Sept)
Address Pier Road, London.
Other Relatives Cousins, Frances Moses of Southampton Street, Camberwell; Barent, Isaac, Ephraim, Benjamin, Louis, Lion, Rachel and Amelia Gompertz, Esther Ziporah Gompertz daughter of his cousin Lion, she lives in Bath, his cousin Ephraim Gompertz lives in Twickenham,
Bequests Hannah Samuel (works for Mr. Isaac Jonas and his wife Rachel of Mansel Street), Charles and Susannah Wheler, Charles Graton Jennings, Aron Joseph of Crescent Minories, Joseph Joseph of George Street, Samuel Joseph of Brixton, Judah Cohen of …?, Mr. and Mrs Michael Oppenheim of Mansel Street, Michael Joseph, Meyer Levin (Lewin), Moses Levy Newton, Lewis Lucas (partner of Emanuel Micholls of Haydon Square), Edward Emanuel Michols, Mr. Barnet, chief reader at Hambro, Mary Johnson of Hempsted, Catherine and Bettina Gitford, Andrew Soway De Hais of King Street.
Executors, Administrators Ephraim Gompertz, Aron Joseph and Joseph Joseph
Witnesses George Bell Townsend and John Duncan and Creswell. Appeared Simon Joseph Joseph.
Notes His tomb to be like his mother’s
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/1724