Will Extract
COHEN Jacob Aron (Aaron)
Reference NA661
Family Name COHEN
Forenames Jacob Aron (Aaron)
Probate Date 1817 (2 Jun)
Address 132 Sling? Steeet, Charleston, South Carolina.
Occupation Shopkeeper
Siblings Joseph, Mordecai and Malaki all of Amsterdam
Other Relatives
Bequests Tom, his “negro slave” (freed)
Executors, Administrators John Bulow, Merchant of Charleston
Witnesses Robert Flemming, william Smith and Charles William Bulow.
Notes Jacob is very probably the son of Aron Joseph Juzpe Cohen and Sophia Sipora Philip Worms. Akevoth lists their children as Joseph, Mordecha and Malka. Burial is possibly “MR. JACOB, Who departed this life on the 16th day of December, 1808, aged 67 years. Charleston Burials. Executor John Bulow is the son of Joachim Bulow. John Joachim Bulow, born about 1765, died 23 June 1841, married in November 1818, Caroline Amelia Lehre, born 1791, died 5 October 1827, daughter of Col. Thomas Lehre and Susannah Scott Stanyarne. His brother Charles: III. Charles Wilhelm Bulow, born about 1778, died 1 May 1823 in the territory of Florida, married on 16 January 1803, Adelaide Fowler Johnston, born about 1788, daughter of John Johnston.
NA Cat Ref Prob/11/1545