Will Extract
Reference NA667
Family Name COHEN
Forenames Lewis
Probate Date 1823 (7 March)
Address Great Prescott Street.
Occupation Esquire
Siblings Sisters, Elizabeth the wife of Moses Levi, Silversmith of Upper Smithfield; Hannah the wife of Moses Nathan, Gentleman of Leman Street. Half- brothers, Samuel and Myer Cohen.
Other Relatives Catherine Levi the wife of Solomon Levi, Maria Levi, Ann Levi, Simha Levi and Samuel Levi the children of Elizabeth and Moses. Sarah, Elizabeth and Isaac Nathan the children of Hannah and Moses. The children of Catherine Levi are Abraham and Sarah Levi. Sister-in-law, Judith the wife of Eliezer Montefiore. Brother-in-law, Jacob Joseph of Barbados. Godson, David Branden the son of Joseph Israel Brandon;
Bequests Eliezer Montefiore, Esquire of Artillery Place; Joseph Israel Brandon, Esquire of Great Alie Street; Solomon Levi, Gentleman of St. Catherine Street, Wapping; Moses Da Costa Lindo, Broker of Jewry Street; Jacob Montefiore; Eveline Montefiore; Esther Hannah Montefiore, Joseph Barrow Monterfiore; Sarah Barrow the widow of Baruh Barrow. John Moi*****? of Swithins Lane; Moses Lindo the younger of Bury Court and his wife Sarah; Miss Rebecca Barrow; Simon Barrow of Bath; Mrs. Jael Barrow of St. Helens; Philip Joseph Salomons and his mother Hannah Joseph Salomons; Maria totterdell? formerly Maria *****? Isaac Levi of Barbados;
Executors, Administrators Eliezer Montefiore, Joseph Israel Brandon, Solomon Levi and Moses Da Costa Lindo,
Witnesses Hew G., Mary and George Pearce all of St. Swithins Lane
Notes Brother-in-law, Moses Nathan is probably I971. Cf. also NA06,3 NA339, NA340
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1667