Will Extract
Reference NA676
Family Name HYAM / HYAMS
Forenames Clara
Probate Date 1806 (3 June)
Address Liverpool
Children Morris and Humphrey (both use the name Hime)
Other Relatives
Bequests Sarah Alexander and her two sisters of London.
Executors, Administrators Humphrey Hime
Witnesses Mary Samuel and Jas. Phillips
Notes The Hime Family by Henry Roche and Saul Marks Humphrey Hime (1761-1845) Was probably the Mr Hime who played first violin in the Handel Memorial Concerts at Westminster Abbey & the Pantheon in May & June 1784. Specialised in violin & viola. Music publisher, founder of Hime & Sons with brother Maurice in Liverpool, late 1780s Senior Warden 1822-23 Edward Hime (1792-1867) Humphrey’s son Music seller To Rio 1835, founded huge dynasty out there Photos of him & Priscilla & their eldest daughter Julia (1811-97) Henry Edward Hime (1820-1881) Edward’s son Had 3 children by Irish woman Ann Wilkinson who wasn’t his wife Various photos & drawings of him Father of renowned painter Harry Edward Hime (1858-1933) See also Hine in “A Biographical Dictionary of Actors, Volume 7, Habgood to Houbert: By Philip H. Highfill, Kalman A. Burnim, Edward A. Langhans. In the late 1780’s in music publishing business with brother Maurice. The latter left for Dublin and Humphrey continued at 14 Castle Street Liverpool until ca 1805. Later in business with his son until ca 1840. The business then continued by his son.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1444