Will Extract
Reference NA681
Family Name HYAMS
Forenames Sarah
Probate Date 1846 (24 April)
Address 21 Bury Street
Occupation Widow
Children Isaac Hyams of Bevis Marks
Grandchildren Raphael and David Joseph of the Minories. Alexander, Aaron, Sarah and Louisa Levi. Rachel, David, Jane and Suse? Hyams.
Other Relatives Niece, Rebecca Isaacs. Cousin, Sarah
Executors, Administrators Isaac Hyams, Joshua Joseph of the Minories and David Wertheimer of West Street, Finsbury Circus.
Witnesses Thomas Birtt of Haydon Square and Edward Harvey his clerk.
Notes Probable daughter, Jane Hyams and spouse Joshua Joseph GSM 201/34. Father of Jane is David Hyams Probable daughter, Esther, GSM 185/12 (father David Peynter). Also Daniel Hyams GSM 135/15
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2034