Will Extract
HYAMS Sollomon
Reference NA682
Family Name HYAMS
Forenames Sollomon
Probate Date 1817 (28 Feb)
Address Hammersmith
Occupation Lapidary
Spouse Sally? (second wife)
Parents Hyam
Siblings Sisters, Bisel the wife of Wolf Noah; Hannah the widow of Isaac Glasscutter and Mrs Kiddy. Brothers, Menaham Hyam b. the Learned Hyam; Myer who lives at Mentz.
Children Hyam (first born son), Mordecai, Myer, Aaron and Abraham Nathan. The three children of his wife are Younkel, Johnny and Aaron.
Other Relatives Leah Mr. Samuels (his wife’s sister). Fromed? and Hagilau? and Myer children of his brother Myer (also Mendley the son of his nephew Myer)
Executors, Administrators Anshell Moses and Morris? “in English otherwise Solomon? In 1817 the surviving exec was Myer Solomon.
Witnesses Samuel David Kalff, Andrew Barnett and Judah Uzielli
Notes “Translated from the German and Hebrew intersperced here and there with English all written in the Jewish German characters”. Synagogue in Leadenhall Street.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1589