Will Extract
Reference NA683
Family Name ISAAC
Forenames JOEL
Probate Date 1836 (25 Feb)
Address 6 Fountain Place, City Road, Middlesex.
Occupation Gentleman
Other Relatives Nephews Joel Mayer Isaac who calls himself Lewis Franklin; Benjamin Asher and his son Joel Asher; Solomon Nathan Baroncastle (wife Rebecca), Watchmaker and Silversmith of Cliff Lewis in Sussex
Bequests Rebecca Joel Hume (known as Rebecca Joel) and her children Caroline, Priscilla, George, Eliza, Frederick and Louisa Joel Hume, all but Caroline minors and known with the family name Joel and all residing with the testator. Alexander, Daniel, Samson and Richard Roberts the sons of Eleanor Roberts a person of colour all of Jamaica.
Executors, Administrators Rebecca Joel (Hume) and Michael Levy of Haydon Square
Witnesses Robert Elliot, J.A. Curling and J.P. Anstee clerks to Mr. Remington, of Fenchurch Buildings.
Notes Great Synagogue.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1858