Will Extract
JOEL George
Reference NA684
Family Name JOEL
Forenames George
Probate Date 1846 (28 April)
Address Acorn Street Bishopsgate Street
Occupation Looking Glass Manufacturer
Spouse Mary
Children Amelia the wife of Solomon Marks
Grandchildren Humphrey, George, Aaron and Kitty Marks
Other Relatives SARAH COHEN, BETSEY HART, DEBORA HARRIS, DEBORA HART and SIMMIE HART otherwise SOPHIA HART daughters of BARNET HART, the sum of twenty pounds each and to HENRY HART, attorney, my cousin,
Executors, Administrators MARY JOEL, HENRY SOLOMON of Houndsditch in the County of London warehouseman and AARON HART* of Bedford Square Commercial Road in the County of Middlesex, Shoe Manufacturer. In Codicil Aaron Hart replaced by JOSEPH TOWNSEND of ?? Street Finsbury Tobacconist,
Witnesses HENRY HART, solicitor, HENRY HYAMS 3 Acorn St. Bishopsgate, JAMES ALDER 2 Bishopsgate Street. E. JONES, AMELIA JONES.AARON HART and MOSES BOAM
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2034