Will Extract
LEVY Amelia
Reference NA691
Family Name LEVY
Forenames Amelia
Probate Date 1854 (20 Feb)
Address 16 Gloucester Place, Portman Square
Occupation Spinster
Siblings Sally Selina the wife of Isidore Jacobson of Berlin
Other Relatives Cousins, Edward and Adolphus Levy both of Gloucester Place. Cousin Sophia the wife of Gotleib Jacobson of Graceboro? in the city of Mecklenburg in Schwerin and Adelaide the wife of Albert Dachinan? of Mecklenburg in Schwerin. Clara Jacobson the daughter of her sister Sally. Mary Esther Jacobson the daughter of Sophia and Sophia the daughter of Adelaide
Executors, Administrators Edward and Adolphus Levy
Witnesses Edward and Adolphus Levy
Notes Father is NA300. Sister Sally is HSM 236
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2186