Will Extract
LEVY Ashur
Reference NA692
Family Name LEVY
Forenames Ashur
Probate Date 1846 (11 June)
Address Gower Street, Bedford Square.
Occupation Gentleman
Parents Michael Levy of Chatham
Siblings Rebecca Tobias
Other Relatives Nephews and Nieces, Sophia, Amelia, Charles, Henry and Alfred Tobias and Harriett and Fanny Hendricks the children of his sister Rebecca..
Bequests Anna Lucas the daughter of Solomon and Elizabeth Lucas of Chatham. Charles Lewis the son of Henry Levi Lewis (deceased) of Jamaica. Asher Asher of Spanish Town, Jamaica. The unmarried daughters of Lewis Israel of Duke Street, London. Daniel, Sarah and Elias the children of Daniel Melhado (deceased) of Guilford Street, Russell Square. Anna, Maria, Daniel and ****? the children of Jacob Aaron Melhado of Adams Court, Broad Street. Lewis Lucas of Finsbury Square and Philip Lucas of Manchester.
Executors, Administrators Lewis and Philip Lucas and Jacob Aaron Melhado
Witnesses John A. Bolyer and Edward H. Barbe? both of Swithins Lane.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2037