Will Extract
LEVY Michael
Reference NA710
Family Name LEVY
Forenames Michael
Probate Date 1845 (16 June)
Address Formerly 7 Haydon Square, then 3 Broad Street Buildings
Spouse Esther
Siblings Brothers, Solomon (deceased) and Moses? Sisters, Sarah and Allac?
Other Relatives Nieces (children of his brother Solomon), Esther and Louisa Levy (spinsters, Phoebe the wife of Samuel Jacobs; Brinah the wife of Michael Abrahams and Amelia Philip Levy, widow of Jamaica (deceased). Nephew, Michael Levy of Jamaica (son of Esther and Moses Levy). Niece, Frances the wife of Henry Myers (daughter of his sister Sarah). The children of his sister Allac? are Sarah the wife of Mr. Levy, Esther the wife of Aaron Hart and Lipman Levy; Allacs? daughter-in-law is Elizabeth Levy living at the house of Mr. Newton of Bury Street. Other relatives are Hannah the wife of Joseph Levy (perhaps also a daughter of Solomon). He writes of his wifes children. Was there a previous marriage with his brother?
Bequests Abraham Solomons of Stamford Hill; Abraham Hart of Montegno Bay, Jamaica; Judah Hart; Sampson Suras; Aaron Solomons, President of the Jewish Blind Institute; Joseph Lazarus, Treasurer of the Jewish Orphan School. Henrietta Solomons (says he believes she was born 11 June 1837) the youngest daughter of Abraham Solomons (bequest revoked in a codicil). Godsons, Simon Solomons son of Michael Solomons of Sandt Street and Michael Moss, son of Saul Moss of Kingston, Jamaica. Children of Amelia (deceased) and Jacob Levene are Sarah Levene (spinster) and Tobias Levene. Daughter of Sarah Levene is Lydia. daughter Aaron Abraham Goldsmid, Stockbroker of Warnford Court; Judah Hart, Merchant of Bevis Marks.
Executors, Administrators Esther Levy, Aaron Abraham Goldsmid and Judah Hart.
Witnesses J. Freeman of****? and Robert Wills, clerk to ****?
Notes Niece Phoebe married 1821, GSM 205/04. Niece Brinah is GSM 211/42. He is member of the Synagogue at Great St. Helens.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2019