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MOSES Michael
Reference NA738
Family Name MOSES
Forenames Michael
Probate Date 1851 (30 Aug)
Address 19 Gracechurch Street.
Occupation Fruiterer
Spouse Sarah
Siblings Catherine, spinster of 19 Gracechurch Street. Brother Solomon, Fruiterer of 19 and 94 Gracechurch Street.
Children Philip, David, Esther, Dinah and Hannah
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Catherine, Moses, Solomon Moses, Lamert Goldsmid, Fruiterer of 49 Newington Causeway and Charles Henry Phillips, Engraver and Stationeer or 19 Gracechurch Street.
Witnesses John Rogers and John Perry clerks to W.R. Buchanan of 8 Basinghall Street.
Notes Stipulates that his wife Sarah is to get nothing. See Survey 1851, ID. no. 23195. His mother is also apparently Sarah see Survey 1851, ID. 23193 (includes his other siblings)
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2138