Will Extract
NATHAN Jacob Hyam
Reference NA748
Family Name NATHAN
Forenames Jacob Hyam
Probate Date 1856 (3 April)
Address 30 Gerrard Street, Soho.
Occupation Gentleman
Spouse Frances
Siblings Alice?
Children Lewis (wife Eliza), Edward, Isaac (wife Ann) and Henry (wife Jane); Rosetta the wife of Lawrence Moss of Montreal, Sarah the wife of David Moss of Montreal
Grandchildren Catherine, Elizabeth and Lewis children of his son Edward, Rosetta, Miriam, Frances, Hyam and Lewis children of Isaac; Rosetta, Alfred the children of Lewis; Miriam and Frederick the children of Henry; Clara and Jacob Moss the daughter of Rosetta; Clara Moss the daughter of Sarah and Hyam Moss the son of ?
Other Relatives Nephews, Hyam Samuel Moses and Lewis Nathan both of Hobart
Bequests Edward Moses, Henry Moses of Tower Hill, Samuel Moses, Wholesale Clothier of Aldgate, Mary Ann Chevill, servant
Executors, Administrators Edward Nathan, Edward Moses, Henry Moses and Samuel Moses. Appeared Eliza Chevill.
Witnesses J. *** Sympson? Solicitor of 7 Golden Square and ***Smith and **** his clerks
Notes Is Frances GSMa 070/72 the third wife? Sons Lewis and Henry take the family name Jacob. Marriage of Rosetta and Lawrence Moss GSMa 010/25. Sarah is GSMa 002/26. Isaac is CemeteryScribes I3686 . Edward is I465 and
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2231