Will Extract
Reference NA782
Family Name GOLDSMID
Forenames Benjamin
Probate Date 1808 (8 Aug)
Address Capel Court London and Rochampton, Surrey.
Spouse Jesse
Siblings Brothers, Abraham (wife Ann), Asher (wife Rachel) and George (wife Rebecca). Sister, Pearl the widow of Magnus Joachim Moses, Merchant late of Amsterdam, Esther the widow of Elias Joachim, Merchant of Prescott Street and now the wife of Nathan Salomons, Broker of London, Mary the wife of Lyon de Symons of Great Alie Street; Sarah the wife of Daniel Eliason, Jeweller of Leman Street.
Children Mary Ann, Hester,
Other Relatives Ketubah for Jesse with Israel Levien Salomons and Esther Salomons of Clapton. Nephew, Abraham the son of George. Brother-in-law, Mark Prager the younger; Henry Prager; Joseph Prager; Sister-in-law, Louisa Elliot the wife of George Elliot and Mary Elliot the sister of George Elliot. Sister-in-law, Harriet Salomons the wife of Solomon Levien and Matilda Salomons now called Prager. Uncles-in-law, Mark Prager Sr., and George Prager. niece, Matilda Friedsburg? and her husband Joseph Friedsburg? Niece, Maria Levien and her husband Nathan Levien. Niece, Rose Joachim; Niece, Mary Ann Cohen and her husband Joseph Cohen. Daniel Mocatta husband of niece Ann Goldsmid. Pincus Salomon husband of niece Maria. Brother-in-law, David Alexander Lindo and his father Alexander Lindo
Bequests Thomas Watson Esq and B******? Isaac Friedland and Nathan Salomons Jr.; Moses Zuntz and Joseph Schabraq; Edward Moses of Rose Lane; Moses Schi******? Edaward Daniel; William Du****?, Merchant of Philpot Lane; John Smith, Surgeon of Newington; Mark Sprott? Gentleman of Kings Road and James Phillips, Cuthbert Rippon and Thomas Nixon (Benjamin's clerks); John Hamilton of the Crescent, Kingsland Road. Rebecca Green, Widow; Rev. Hershell; Abraham David Gompertz; Sir Thomas Moxon; Benjamin Goldsmid Elliot and his wife Lavinia; Joseph Hart-Myers and Joseph's brother-in-law John Jacobs; Israel Moses brother of Edward Goldsmid; Mary Sturdy Catley in his employ;
Executors, Administrators Abraham, Asher and George Goldsmid
Witnesses Samuel Bonwick and Edward Allen Clifford Jr.
Notes Great Synagogue
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1484