Will Extract
Reference NA810
Family Name SOLOMON
Forenames Lazarus
Probate Date 1836 (16 Feb)
Address Bedford Street, Plymouth
Spouse Matilda
Children Harriett
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Matilda Solomon
Witnesses Charles Marks and M. Stadhagen
Notes A21 A God fearing man, the Parnas and Manhig Eliezer ben Solomon zts"l, died Wednesday 25 Heshvan and buried Thursday after it, 5596 [= 18 November 1835]. He lies here but shall arise at the end of days. (= Lazarus Solomon from Lublin, a scholar, referred to as Torani, in Plymouth before 1802. Led the prayers on the Days of Awe for 25 years and had Vestry Membership bestowed on him. He married Esther bat Abraham, who died 1831 (O10) and then Mathilda. His will PCC Stowell 123 made 8 November 1835 appointed Mathilda as executrix and he left 50 to his daughter, Harriet, to be given to her at her wedding.) Plymouth Burials, Susser. First wife: O10 Esther bat Abraham from the State of Poland, the Holy Congregation of Lublin, died 25 Tevet 5591 [= 7 January 1831] (The wife of Lazarus Solomon (see A21), possibly his first wife.) Plymouth Burials, Susser. Matilda was a daughter of Joseph Joseph. She is Survey 1851, ID. 1284 . Lazarus may have been father-in-law of Lemon Hart, for Mary daughter of Lazarus Solomon of Plymouth was Lemon Hart's second wife. By his first marriage he had two daughters (besides Mary) Harriet and Fanny. The latter married Joseph son of Isaac Joseph of Redruth (see Pedigree 28) and the former married Alexander Alexander uncle of Michael Solomon Alexander. Lazarus and Matilda Solomon's son, Solomon, was born in 1833 and was about three when his father diedHe married three times - his first wife Miss Sarah Lyons was probably a daughter of Solomon Lyons of Plymouth a family already mentioned as intermarrying with the Altmans. She died in childbed on 19th February, 1873 aged 36." History of the Joseph Family - Coat of Many Colours.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1858