Will Extract
LOUSADA Emanuel Baruh
Reference NA820
Family Name LOUSADA
Forenames Emanuel Baruh
Probate Date 1807 (14 Feb)
Address Kingston, Jamaica
Spouse Esther
Children Jacob, Daniel, Aaron and Isaac Baruh Lousada
Grandchildren Abigail Ximines
Other Relatives Son-in-law, Daniel Ximines; Cousin, Grace Lopes Torres; nieces, Rachel Lousada and Abigail and Rebecca Lumbrozo. Brothers-in-law, Emanuel Baruh Lousada Jr., and Isaac Baruh Lousada, Merchants of London. Cousin, Isaac Aguilar of London.
Bequests Slaves gifted to his wife are: Johnny a mulatto hair dresser, Mumba, Clarissa, Dolly and her mulatto child Betty, Esther and her son Samboe, Polly and her daughter Rosey, Rosey's children, Mathew, Johnny, Wilson, Frederick, Tom, Natty, July, Rosey, Hardtimes, Dido and Jossy. Other slaves to be sold "for the best prices". David Samuda of London, George Goddin Barrett of Trewlany. Alexander Lindo, Joseph Aguilar, Daniel Moore and Jasper Farmer all four of Kingston. Isaac Joel and Hyman Phillips. Mrs. D'Aguilar the wife of Hannanel D'Aguilar; Judith Baruh Lousada the wife of Isaac Baruh Lousada
Executors, Administrators David Bravo, Richard Lake, Emanuel Baruh Lousada the younger, Isaac Baruh Lousada, George Goodin Barrett,Daniel Moore, Hannanel D'Aguilar, Esther Baruh Lousada, Isaac D'Aguilar, Alexander Lindo, Alexander Jopp.
Witnesses Abraham Pa. Da Costa, Elias Furtado and Isaac Joel. Jo. Gutterias, Isaac Soares. John Cargill and Alex. Smith, Mrs. Drummond.
Notes In a codicil he writes tha his "son" Aaron Baruh Lousada is only his reputed son.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1457