Will Extract
Reference NA824
Family Name BUZAGLO
Forenames Salom
Probate Date 1804 (28 July)
Address Kingston, Jamaica
Occupation Gentleman
Parents Abraham Buzaglo Jr. of Barbados (alive in 1804).
Other Relatives Uncle, Joseph Barrow of Barbados
Bequests Jacob Frederick Wilkins, Merchant of Kingston; Mrs Morales the wife of Isaac Morales of Kingston;
Executors, Administrators Jacob Frederick Wilkins
Witnesses Abraham de Campos, William Edward Odell and Jas. Jackson.
Notes Anglo-Moroccan family, sons of Moses Buzaglo, rabbi in *Mogador. ABRAHAM BUZAGLO (17101782), after an adventurous career, settled about 1762 in *England, and in 1765 was granted a patent for a new type of stove, known after him as "buzaglo." Making use of this invention, he introduced a new method of physical therapy whereby muscular exercise is undertaken after the body has been thrown into a profuse sweat; he recommended this method especially for gout. For a time it had great success, and is widely referred to in the literature of that period. He also invented a carriage warmer. JOSEPH BUZAGLO (d. 1767), who called himself De Paz, had a lively career in *France, during which he was condemned to the galleys, invented an incendiary bullet, and was imprisoned in the Bastille on a charge of spying for England. On his release from the Bastille he negotiated a commercial treaty between *Denmark and *Morocco, but when difficulties ensued, the sultan condemned him to death by burning and he again spent a long time in prison. Released through the intercession of the Danish authorities, he followed his brothers to England, and died in St. Eustatius (West Indies) on a fruitless journey to trace his son, who had become a soldier. Joseph's other brother was SHALOM *BUZAGLO. (Jewish Virtual Library) See also NA338
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1411