Will Extract
CUNHA Daniel Mendes
Reference NA825
Family Name CUNHA
Forenames Daniel Mendes
Probate Date 1798 (3 Jan)
Address King Street, Kingston, Jamaica.
Spouse Simha
Siblings Brothers, Abraham, Jacob and Moses; Sisters, Rebecca Almeida Avidio and Rachael Pesoa both widows
Children Moses, Isaac, Sarah
Other Relatives Mother-in-law, Esther Monsanto
Bequests Negro slaves, Sabina and Phillis (and their future off-spring) given to his wife. Negro slaves, Providence (male) and Prysante (female) given to his son Isaac. Negro slave Fadelia? (female) given to son Moses. Negro Slave Salinda given to daughter Sarah. Friend, David Rodrigues Silva and David Furtado of Kingston
Executors, Administrators David Rodrigues Silva and David Furtado of Kingston
Witnesses Jacob DeLeon, Ralph **Da Costa and Abraham Da Nunes Henriques.
Notes Mentioned Esther Silvera. David Alves Hebello attorney of David Furtado.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1174