Will Extract
TORRES Sarah Lopes
Reference NA827
Family Name TORRES
Forenames Sarah Lopes
Probate Date 1787 (30 Nov)
Address Kingston, Jamaica
Occupation Widow
Siblings Abigail widow of Jacob Baruh Lousada, Merchant of London and Esther the wife of Abraham de Mattos Mocatta, Merchant of London.
Children David Lopes Torres (deceased) late of Kingston
Grandchildren Sarah and Grace Aguilar daughters of Abraham. Granddaughter Sarah the wife of Solomon Dias Fernandes of Kingston. Greatgrand children, Emanuel Aguilar and Rebecca Aguilar children of Joseph Aguilar of Kingston.
Other Relatives David Lopes Torres and Abigail Lopes Torres children of Abraham Lopes Torres of Kingston (deceased). Abraham's siblings are Mordecai Lopes Torres, David Lopes Torres, Rachel Lopes Torres and Esther Lopes Torres (the three latter of Bayonne). Niece, Esther Baruh Lousada the wife of Emanuel Baruh Lousada, Merchant of Kingston. Daughter-in-law, Grace Lopes Torres (widow of son David). Son-in-law, Abraham Aguilar, Merchant of Kingston.
Bequests Mulatto woman Pamela and negro girl Patty the daughter of the negro woman Abbali are given to grandaughter Sarah Aguilar. Negro woman Abbali and negro boy Pollidor (son of Maria) are given to granddaughter Grace Aguilar. Negro woman Annie? Set free. Codicil states that Negro women Pamela and Patty to be freed.
Executors, Administrators Abraham Aguilar and Emanuel Baruh Lousada.
Witnesses Benjamin Tavaros Sr., Jacob Dias Fernandes, Moses Dias Fernandes, Elias Furtado, Joachim? Franks and Jacob Jacobs.
Notes She must be Sarah Lamego the wife of Jacob Lopes Torres.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1159