Will Extract
Reference NA828
Forenames Moses Nunes
Probate Date 1836 (1 June)
Address Kingston, Jamaica
Occupation Practioner of Physic and Surgery
Spouse Hannah Nunes Henriques
Children Charlotte Young Henriques and Amelia Young Henriques
Other Relatives Nephews and nieces, Abraham Nunes Henriques, Luna(Sima?) Rodrigues DaCosta; David Rodrigues DaCosta; Jacob Rodrigues DaCosta
Bequests Rachel Franco the wife of Moses Franco; David DaSilva of White Hart Court, Bishopsgate, London; Dr. Emanuel Pacifico of London; Mrs. Hannah Young of London, widow of Thomas Young; John Amos, Merchant of London; James and Eliza Forsyth, children of James Forsyth, Merchant of Kingston; Dr. Joshua De Cordova, of Kingston; Mary Boyd the daughter of Maria Murray; Jacob Bravo; Isaac Nunes DaCosta jr. of Kingston; John Phillips, previously clerk to Walter Butt of Kingston; Elizabeth Johnston widow of William Johnston of Kingston (now residing at Halifax); William Pitcairn, Merchant of London; Abram Alexander Lindo late of Kingston but now residing in London; Eliza Muirhead (residing in Edinburgh) sister of George Davidson Seddon, Dentist of Kingston; Priscilla McDonald the wife of John McDonald, carpenter and granddaughter of the late Priscilla Martins; Catherine McKay formerly Green the wife of ***McKay of Spanish town; Catherine Morrison of Kingston; Sarah Jackson, Julia Hewitt, Tom Wallace and Eliza Henriques, servants; Sophia Brett the daughter of Mrs DeLoss?; Moses Delgado of Kingston and his son Alfred; Nancy (servant) otherwise called Ann Morrison to be manumitted; Emily ****, Amelia Follix? Willy otherwise William Brown and James otherwise James Barnaby released from their apprentiships
Executors, Administrators Moses Delgado, David Rodrigues DaCosta and Jacob Rodrigues DaCosta
Witnesses Charles Collings, Simon Frazer and Alexander Gordon Muir, D. Morison, Vera Copia Extin?, James Gray and W.C. Stewart
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1863