Will Extract
MARCUS Mordecai
Reference NA829
Family Name MARCUS
Forenames Mordecai
Probate Date 1785 (26 Nov)
Address Parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica
Occupation Merchant
Parents Esther Marcus of London
Siblings Brother, Jacob Marcus otherwise Jacob Joseph Pisco? of Warsaw. Sisters, Bersha Helburn of Hamburg (Bethsheba Davis wife of Jacob Davis); Judy Jones otherwise Jonas wife of Joseph Jones; Sarah Levy of Portsmouth (wife of Henry Levy); Rachel DelBravo the wife of Anselmo Levy DelBravo of London.
Other Relatives Uncle, Liepman Marcus of London
Bequests Negroes to be sold but rented out until then. A negro to be purchased for Moses Myers son of Abraham Myers; Sarah Phillips widow of Philip Phillips of Kingston, Jamaica; Hyman Cohen; Thomas Chambers; John Vanhel****? (all three of Jamaica); Isaac Jacob Solomons of Gun Square, London
Executors, Administrators Hyman Cohen; Thomas Chambers; John Vanhel****?
Witnesses Edward Badnedge, Mordecai DaCosta and Aaron Levy.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1135