Will Extract
ALVARES Judith Baruh (otherwise Judica Alveres)
Reference NA831
Family Name ALVARES
Forenames Judith Baruh (otherwise Judica Alveres)
Probate Date 1738 (25 Aug)
Address Port Royal, Jamaica.
Occupation Widow
Spouse Jacob Baruh Alvares
Siblings Suiga? Alvares, widow of London; Grace the wife of **** Franco of London; Sarah the wife of **** Azuly of Amsterdam
Grandchildren Moses Mendes Quixano the son of Moses Mendes Quixano (wife Esther), Merchant of Port Royal (deceased). The grandfather of Moses jr. Is Abraham Mendes Quixano.
Other Relatives Nieces, Clara Franco; Ester the wife of Joseph Abendana, Merchant of Amsterdam; Esther and Rachel Aguilar daughters of Aaron Aguilar late of Port Royal (deceased). Nephew, Moses Aguilar of St. Anne, Jamaica; Rebecca the daughter of Rachel and Abraham Navarra (deceased); Joseph and Grace Aguilar children of Abraham Aguilar (Abraham's wife Rebecca is Judith's niece) Shopkeeper of St. Jago De La Vega (deceased). Niece, Judith Sara Fatinoe, daughter of Grace Franco. Nephew, Moses Baruh Alvares the son of Suiga? Niece, Esther Da Silva the daughter of Sarah Azuly of Amsterdam. Sons-in-law, Jacob Gonzales, Merchant, late of Kingston and now of London and Jacob Munoz, Merchant of Kingston. Daniel Suazo the son of Suazo, Shopkeeper late of Port Royal (the said Daniel being a "fatherless and motherless orphan." Moses Gomes, Shopkeeper of St. Anne. Mordecai Da Silver the minor son of Joshua Da Silva, Merchant of Kingston. Rachel, Judith and Esther Alvin daughters of Jacob Lopes Alvin
Bequests Daniel Almeida the son of Isaac Almeida, Merchant of Kingston (deceased). Abigail the wife of Joseph Finnis, Reader in the Synagogue of Port Royal.
Executors, Administrators Jacob Mendes Gutierez, Planter of St. Catherine, Isaac Lopes Torros, Merchant of Port Royal and Jacob Nunes Gonzales, Merchant, late of Kingston now of Great Britain.
Witnesses William Spencer, Philip Edmunds and Geroge Bennet jr.
Notes Sister Sarah is probably Sarah Aguilar (daughter of Moses) who married Juda Azulay in 1671 (Akevoth). If so Judith is nee Aguilar.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/691