Will Extract
BRANDON Isaac Pereira
Reference NA833
Family Name BRANDON
Forenames Isaac Pereira
Probate Date 1740 (10 April)
Address Kingston, Jamaica
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Rebecca
Children Eldest son Jacob Brandon; second son Moses Brandon, deceased (widow Abigail); Aaron Brandon, deceased (widow Easter/Esther)
Grandchildren Rebecca Brandon daughter of Moses (Rebecca is to be married to David Brandon a son of Jacob Brandon)
Other Relatives Cousin, David Brandon of Holland. Niece Rachel Torres, widow of Kingston; nephews, Isaac Pinto of Spanish Town and Jacob and Daniel Brandon of Kingston; Sarah Brandon the widow of Joshua Brandon; David Mogadoro the uncle of grandson David Brandon (otherwise David Brandon Mogadoro) the son of Jacob.
Bequests Negro woman Pensa and her mulatto daughter Judith to be freed after the death of his wife Rebecca. Grandaughter Rebecca to be given the negro boy slave Mashy and girl slaves Phibba and Mimba (three children of Persa). Abraham Miranda; Moses Cohen De Lara, reader at the Synagogue in Kingston; Sarah Campos the wife of Abraham Campos of Kingston; Sarah Lopes Pereira, widow of Kingston;
Executors, Administrators Jacob Brandon
Witnesses Isaac Furtado, Joseph Pereira and Richard Parker.
Notes By 1749 Jacob Brandon was deceased as was his son David. Admin was then granted to Sarah Dias Fernandes otherwise Sarah Vianna, spinster
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/768