Will Extract
BRAVO Benjamin
Reference NA834
Family Name BRAVO
Forenames Benjamin
Probate Date 1744 (9 Oct)
Address St. Andrew, Jamaica
Occupation Planter
Siblings Rebecca De Paz (now in England); brother, Abraham Bravo of London,
Other Relatives Godson, Moses Bravo and his brother Jacob sons of "kinsman" David Bravo, Merchant of Kingston. Leah Bravo, Sarah Bravo and Rebecca Henriques (daughters of David Bravo) the latter wife of Jacob Henriques, Planter of St. Catherine. Niece, Sarah Hamis? De Paz daughter of Rebecca. Kinsman, Moses Bravo, Merchant of Amsterdam
Bequests David Da Castro, Merchant of London; Moses Fernandes Nunes, Merchant of London; negro man Hector otherwise called Hugh Gilmore to be freed. Mrs. Jane Collier; Solomon Fernandes Nunes,
Executors, Administrators Joshua Crosby, David Bravo and Solomon Fernandes Nunes.
Witnesses Matthew Cleland, Isaac Gonzales and Richard Parker.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/735