Will Extract
Da SILVA Joseph
Reference NA837
Family Name Da SILVA
Forenames Joseph
Probate Date 1768 (27 July)
Address Westmorland, Jamaica.
Siblings Daniel Da Silva, Merchant of Kingston, deceased.
Children Daniel Fromorgh? Dela Court.
Other Relatives Nieces, Esther, Leah and Rebecca Da Silva, daughters of Daniel. Judith Lopez Esther, Rachel and Sarah daughters of his son-in-law Abraham Lopez and his wife Sarah. Godson, Moses Lopez the son of Abraham Lopez and Sarah.
Bequests Slaves, Laura and her son York, Hannah and her son Halifax. Tony, Dick, Jenny and Bonnobald? given to Judith Lopez. Negro slaves, Sabina, Johnny and Phyliss given to Sarah Lopez. Slaves, Jupiter, Sambo and Cezar given to Abraham Lopez. Moses Mendes Monsanto (wife Esther), Theodore Stone (money to purchase negroes), Judith Pedoo? the daughter of Jacob Pedoo? and his wife Esther (money to purchase negro girls). Godson, Joseph Mendes Mordo? the son of Moses Mendes Mordo? (money to purchase negros). Esther Da Silva Mendes the wife of Joseph Da Silva Mendes. Moses Abrahams his clerk. Sarah Lopez Henriques the wife of Jacob Lopez Henriques. Aaron Baruh Lousada of Kingston.
Executors, Administrators Aaron Baruh Lousada, Moses Mendes Monsanto and Theodore Stone.
Witnesses Matths Bowen, Thomas Thomlinson jr. and John Lang.
Notes To be buried at Savannah La Marr. Mentioned David Samuda attorney of Abraham Lopez. each of my 3 neices, Esther ??ali and Roberta Da Silva the daughters of deceased brother Daniel Da Silva late of Kingston Judith Lopez daughter of my esteemed friend Abraham Lopez son in law Abraham Lopez and Sarah his wife My Godchild Moses Lopez Esther Rachael and Sarah Lopez daughters of Abarahm Lopez and Sarah his wife Friend; Moses Mendez Monsanto? Judith Pedoa(Prado?) daughter of Jacob and Esther his wife my Godchild Joseph Mendes Prodo/a (Prado?) son of Moses Mendez Prado! Esther DaSilva Mendes wife of Joseph DaSilva Mendes my clerk? Moses Abrahams Sarah Lopez Henriques wife of Jacob Lopez Henriques Theodore Stone? Aaron Baruch Lousada
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/940