Will Extract
RIETTI Abraham
Reference NA842
Family Name RIETTI
Forenames Abraham
Probate Date 1829 (30 June)
Address Seymour Place, New Road, St. Pancras.
Occupation Esquire
Parents Mother, Esther de Mercado now the widow of Joseph de Mercado
Siblings Half-brother, Manessah de Mercado of Jamaica. Sister, Judith Basan.
Children Daughters, Georgiana, Angelina, Olivia and Justina Rietti
Other Relatives Niece, Esther the wife of James Burnstone Bunning. Nephews, Caleb Basan, George Basan. Grand-nephews, Halbert and Wallace Basan the sons of his late nephew David Basan. Cousins, Isaac Gomes DaCosta, Gentleman of Clapham Road Place; Grace Cohen of Leman Street (her son is Albert Cohen). niece, Sarah Adolphus the wife of Moses Joseph Adolphus of Kingston, Jamaica
Bequests Mary Peake DaCosta, Housekeeper. Solomon Gomes DaCosta, Merchant of Mornington? Middlesex (wife Mary Ann); Aaron de Symons of the Stoch Exchange; Lewis Lucas, Merchant of Finsbury Square; Mordecai Palache, Merchant of Kingston, Jamaica;
Executors, Administrators Judith Basan, Aaron de Symons, Lewis Lucas and Mordecai Palache.
Witnesses J.Y. Lopes of 22 Great Prescott Street, **? Wright of 4 Cloak Lane and Alfred Laing.
Notes Sister Judith deceased by 1834 (note in margin)
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1757