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NATHAN Nathan Pintus
Reference NA848
Family Name NATHAN
Forenames Nathan Pintus
Probate Date 1857 (18 March)
Address 62 Rotherbaum, Dammthur? (Hamburg?)
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Haunchen? (nee Speyer) of Frankfort
Siblings Hardy/Harog? Nathan; Julie (deceased) the wife of Moses Ahrons of Luneburg
Children Edward, Louis, Hermann, Gustav (Gumple George) and Francisca
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Dr. Lippert and Dr. Ferdinand Beit (guardians with wife of infant children). Mrs August Sanders; Ferdinand Jacobson and Gabriel Riesser, Doctor of Law.
Witnesses Ludwig Hammerschlag, David Meyer Goldschmidt, Ludwig Wolff, Johann Heinrich Gottfried Busing, Johann August Frederick Wilhelm Ley, Franz Edward Hampe and Frederick Wilhelm Bargmann.
Notes translated from the German by J. Cassuto.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2248