Will Extract
Reference NA850
Family Name NATHAN
Forenames Samuel
Probate Date 1843 (14 Oct)
Address 1 Borough Road, Southwark
Spouse Hannah
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Hannah Nathan
Witnesses John Nathan and Moses Lyon, Tailor of 8 Ebenezer Square, Gravel Lane, Houndsditch.
Notes This is the Samuel Nathan, picture dealer, of 1 Borough Road, Southwark who was attacked in a saleroom on 25 Nov. 1842 and died shortly after making his will on 5 Dec. 1842. His wife Hannah is Survey 1851 ID. 20409. He is very probably the Samuel Nathan who married Hannah Mendes in 1808 (GSM 113/08). Hannah was the daughter of David Mendes who is also recorded in Borough Road in 1814 (Gazette 16895). The Gazette of 1839 records a David Nathan (brother? cf.GSM 025/3) and "Dealer in all kinds of Miscellaneous Property, Furniture, and Pictures" at 1 Borough Road in 1839 (Gazette 19708). The witness to the will, John Nathan is probably a nephew or cousin see Survey 1851, ID. 24803. John is mentioned in an Old Bailey trial of (t18460202-553) living at 9 and 10 Ebenezer Square, Houndsditch. His immediate neighbor was therefore Moses Lyon (the other witness to the will of Samuel) who was at 8 Ebenezer Square (Moses Lyon and wife Rachel are recorded in an Old Bailey trial of 1823 (t18230910-26). John Nathan b. Joseph married Rebecca Lyon bat Moshe (GSM 275/36) and Moses Lyon is most probably his father-in-law. Possible father of John is Joseph Nathan b. Nathan Veilberg SGL (or Weilberg) who married Elizabeth Jacobs in 1808. Was Joseph a brother of Samuel Nathan?
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1987