Will Extract
Reference NA853
Family Name JACOBS
Forenames Samuel
Probate Date 1842 (5 Feb)
Address 22 Bury Street
Occupation Gentleman
Children Elias Jacobs, Lewis Jacobs (wife Sophia), Judith the wife of Samuel Solomon, Esther the wife of Michael Cohen
Other Relatives
Bequests Julia Hyams, servant; Kitty (ex servant) now the wife of Joseph Joseph, dealer in clothes of Holywell Street; Edward Isaac Sydney of 7 Liverpool Street, Bishopsgate Street.
Executors, Administrators Elias and Lewis Jacobs, Samuel Solomon and Michael Cohen
Witnesses Thomas Smith 44 Union Street, Whitechapel and Simon Ascher of 5 Bury Street.
Notes Samuel must be Shmuel Hertsfeld (Hirtsfield, Hartsfield). Daughter Esther is GSM 137/30. Daughter Judith is GSM 175/23. Son Lewis is probably GSM 253/31
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1958