Will Extract
Reference NA854
Family Name FOLIGNO
Forenames Isaac
Probate Date 1857 (10 Aug)
Address 16 Finsbury Circus
Occupation Silversmith
Spouse Hannah
Parents Mother mentioned but not named.
Siblings Edward Foligno, Silversmith of 12 Bury Street; Lucy Gomes Da Costa; Deborah Isaacs and her husband Andrew; Diamond Levy and her husband Barney Levy; Rose Foligno; Stella the wife Alexander Levy
Other Relatives Niece, Esther the wife of Aaron De Pass and their son Daniel; Niece, Hannah Gomes Da Costa (daughter of Sukey); Deborah Isaacs and her husband Andrew; Stella Levy and her husband Alexander Levy
Bequests David De Pass, Merchant of 20 Upper Bedford Place, Russell Square; Joseph Sebag Esq., of 38 York Place, Portman Square; Mr. and Mrs Abecasis of Bevis Marks; Mr. and Mrs. Mocbach? of Castle Street
Executors, Administrators Edward Foligno, David De Pass and Joseph Sebag.
Witnesses Sampson Samuel, Solicitor of 26 New Broad Street and Chas. P. Yorsten? His clerk
Notes Siblings are recorded in Survey 1851, Edward ID.7620, Rosa ID. 30008, Diamond ID. 6195 (also BSWSM150 and Cem. Scribes I3715 ), Lucy ID. 1789, Stella ID. 19654 (and GSM 263/04). Sister Deborah is (GSM 252/26. (father, Moshe Zekre Felina)Their parents were Moses Zachariah Foligno and Rachel de Isaac Baquis (Survey ID. 30009)
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2256