Will Extract
Reference NA871
Family Name EMANUEL
Forenames Edward
Probate Date 1825 (21 July)
Address Formerly Bevis Marks then Paris
Siblings Henry, Louis, Michael, Eliza, Mary Ann and Rosetta Emanuel
Other Relatives Joel Emanuel, Morris Emanuel, Aunt, Betsy Lazarus of Carmarthen
Bequests Robert Constable, Sigismund Stiebel, Mark Noble, Aaron Solomons, Arthur Lumley, David Canstat, Mr. Baree, Physician of Paris
Executors, Administrators Robert Constable, Sigismund Stiebel
Witnesses Robert Constable and Fraz. Ashford. Appeared Sarah Wallett? Widow of 23 and 1/2 Wilson Street, Finsbury Square and Henry David Gaming, Solicitor of Paris and Joseph Hamilton of Paris.
Notes Translated from the French. Joel Emanuel (CemeteryScribes, I12523) is probably his father (Joel was married to Julia Lazarus and her sister was Elizabeth Lazarus) Mentioned Louis Domingues Ferrier? Solicitor of Paris, A. Solomon? Samuel Stiebel
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1703