Will Extract
Reference NA872
Family Name AARON
Forenames Moses
Probate Date 1822 (8 Oct)
Address 1 Northumberland Alley, Fenchurch Street
Occupation Dealer in Old Clothes.
Children Aaron? Aarons, Emanuel Wolf Aarons, Israel Aarons
Other Relatives
Bequests Raphael Mendes Alvares, China and Glass shop living at (home of) Ephraim Adolphus of Brokers Row, Moorfields.
Executors, Administrators Isaac Jonas and Isaac Levy
Witnesses ******?, J. Marks and Solomon Isaacs. Appeared Isaac Jonas, Merchant of 31 Mansell Street (Somerset Street?) and Isaac Levy, Grocer of Dukes Place
Notes The signatures are of three functionaries in the Hevra Maariv Bezmano. The first one (J. Marks in English) signs as Rav[?] of the Hevra Maariv Bezmano, Yehoshua .....Reuven?? The Second (Solomon Isaacs in English) is Zalman, Shamash [beadle] of the Hevra Maariv Bezmano. The third (is of the testator Moses Aaron) who signs as Moshe. (ref. The Prof) Zalman the Shamash is possibly Shlomeh Zalman b. (adj.) Azreal Pollak - the Shamash (NSM 115). Hyam Painter is Hyam Hyams, DPL 0039 Burial 1801 [14 Jun] Hyams NR (Child) Hayim Painter Hyam Garden Ct. P'Coat Lane Spitalfield Parish. Cf the will of Abraham Hyams of the same address, NA180. The Maariv Bezmano was a minyan that met at the Bet Hamidrash - Source Jewish Education in the Mid-Nineteenth Century: A Study of the Early Victorian London CommunitySteven SingerThe Jewish Quarterly Review New Series, Vol. 77, No. 2/3 (Oct., 1986 - Jan., 1987), pp. 163-178
NA Cat Ref LMA Ref: DL/C/482 No176.